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The undiscovered country

I recently watched the original Star Trek movies. The last one that features the original crew – the best crew of all time! – was Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Do you remember what the “undiscovered country” is?

In real life, the phrase comes from Shakespeare’s famous speech by Hamlet that begins, “To be or not to be.” In that speech, Shakespeare calls life after death “the undiscovered country.” It is the place “from whence no passenger ever returned.”

In Star Trek VI, however, the Undiscovered Country is the future. In the story, Captain Kirk fears rapid changes taking place in his culture. In the end, one of the story’s morals is that the future is a place is to “go boldly, where no one has gone before.”

Easier said than done!

This life is full of things that are “whips and scorns.” According to the bard’s famous lines, things to fear include mockery, curses, oppression, injustice, poverty, tyranny, unrequited love and more.

We do not like to talk about our fears or to face them. Thankfully, God does. Remarkably, he is a sympathetic and persistent Coach.

By one count, there are 145 biblical references to the problem of fear. The number of times God tells his most famous followers, “Do not be afraid,” is stunning.

I don’t like to think of myself as a fearful person. Mostly, though, that’s denial. I don’t want to admit to myself that there are things that scare me. Things like…

1. Will my Israeli visa be renewed in the next two months? Every year there is a lot of drama about this. Because the Jerusalem Journal is a new thing, it is not large enough to be counted by Israel’s Government Press Office as an officially recognized news service. But, this being Israel, they might make an exception for another year. Or they might not.

2. Money. It’s embarrassing to admit, but this is a big one. Fears that rattle me include running out, even crazy nightmares like living on the streets. As I write these words, my bank account balance is about $300.00. Shaming voices in the night like to taunt, “It’s all your fault. You have not because you have asked not.” Notably, the enemy is still quite good at twisting God’s Word.

3. What I am I going to do with this car God has given? Yes, a donor has given the Jerusalem Journal a car! It is parked outside my front door, but I cannot drive it until I have paid for insurance and registration fees that total about $1,000.00. Then too, (laughing as I write), there is the small matter of fuel and upkeep! 

In many ways, Israel remains an undiscovered country. Apparently, God wants me to discover more of it via the Jerusalem Journal – on behalf of readers. On your behalf.


I am convinced that the world stage is set for “end time” events prophesied in Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, Matthew 24, Revelation and more. As the manner of their fulfillment comes into focus, along with global deceptions that will fool believers too, there is a growing need for watchmen to warn and equip their communities around the world.

The epicenter of these things is Israel. God has put us here to give you news that you need, and will need, in days to come; indeed, “in such a time as this.”

If God is prompting you to give to this, his work, now would a good time to act on that prompt. Click here.

From Jerusalem, and with you at my side, boldly going where no one has gone before…


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