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A scene from 'Beasts of Satan' in 'Occult Crimes' on Netflix.
A scene from ‘Beasts of Satan’ in ‘Occult Crimes’ on Netflix. (Netflix)

Sick Documentary Exposes What Really Happens in Occult Circles

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The next bizarre documentary is already making waves, exposing what really happens in occult circles.
The 2015 Occult Crimes recently joined Netflix’s streaming service. The docuseries investigates murders motivated by a lethal mix of mental illness, role-playing rituals and bizarre religious beliefs, according to the series’ homepage.
“Featuring satanic rituals, false prophets suffering from delusions of grandeur, and more vampires than a Twilight convention, the series shines a bright light on a marginalized subset of humanity,” Decider magazine’s Josh Sorokach writes.
One episode, titled “Natasha – Ah Satan,” focuses on Goth 20-something Natasha Cornett, a self-described Satan worshipper serving three life sentences for the shooting deaths of a Knoxville couple and their 6-year-old daughter.
Cornett was convicted in March 1998 with five other youths in the notorious Lillelid murders. The Goth group was on their way to New Orleans when they met the Lillelid family at an interstate highway rest area where they carjacked the family for their van. The youths drove the Lillelids to a remote side road where mother, father and daughter were shot dead and the son was left wounded, according to murderpedia.
Another episode, “Beasts of Satan” recounts multiple Satanic ritual murders conducted by an Italian cult by the same name. In 1998, Chiara Marino, shop assistant, aged 19, and her boyfriend, Fabio Tollis, a 16-year-old student and heavy-metal musician, were sacrificially stabbed and beaten in a drug-fueled occult rite involving sex and heavy metal music, according to Wikipedia.
In the 1980s, another satanic cult known as the “Chicago Rippers” tormented the city with horrific rituals.
The foursome would capture young women in a van and take them to ringleader’s Robin Gecht’s “satanic chapel” in a local motel. There, they would rape and torture the women, sometimes eating parts of their flesh, according to ViralNova.
The true crime docuseries reveals just how twisted the satanic world can be.
Jessilyn Justice is the director of online news for Charisma. Born and raised in a pastor’s family in Alabama, she went to Lee University and the Washington Journalism Center. She’s passionate sharing God’s goodness through storytelling. Tell her what you think of this story on Twitter @jessilynjustice.
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