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A Muslim boy attends Friday prayers with laborers and shopkeepers.
A Muslim boy attends Friday prayers with laborers and shopkeepers ( REUTERS/Darren Whiteside)

Public School Turns Classrooms into Muslim Prayer Rooms

A New York high school has transformed two vacant rooms into areas where Muslim students can pray during Ramadan.
A spokesperson for Shenendehowa High School said the decision to offer Muslim prayer rooms on public property is part of their effort to be culturally proficient.
“The school is trying to do a lot more to be culturally inclusive and so is the district,” school spokesperson Kelly DeFeciani told the Saratogian newspaper.
“We are trying to get people to understand all different cultures,” she told the newspaper. “We want to make the school conducive, so all students can learn, can feel accepted and feel understood.”
Shen High School recently made national news after they hosted a student art exhibit that included profane references to President Trump. Click here to read that story.
The school district was quick to add that any student of any faith could use the prayer rooms—but it’s clear the main intent is for Muslims to have a place to pray during Ramadan.
“With this effort, this group can meet both their educational and religious obligations,” DeFeciani told the newspaper. “In this case, it’s the principal’s decision. He’s doing it to meet the needs of his students.”
It’s yet another example of a public school accommodating Islam while marginalized other religious groups.
I’m rather surprised the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union hasn’t raise a stink about this.
Whenever Christian students and teachers pray or reference God in graduation speeches or read their Bible, the atheist groups break out with a raging case of microaggressions.
But when a public school turns classrooms into de facto mosques, the atheists and agnostics and freethinkers are curiously silent. 
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