US Says ‘Painful’ to See Israel Bullied at UN (US Ambassador Nikki Haley); Israel Planned Nuclear Option! – World Israel News

World Israel News Netanyahu: London Terrorists ‘Worship Death’; Denmark Wants Money Back from Palestinians; Israelis Prefer Jerusalem to Peace Deal
June 4, 2017   ISRAEL 
WATCH: US Ambassador Says ‘Painful’ to See Israel Bullied and Abused by UN
In Africa, Netanyahu Calls on African Nations to Stand United with Israel
Report: Israel Planned Nuclear Option in 1967 War
Netanyahu: London Terrorists ‘Worship Death’ but ‘Will Not Frighten Us’
WATCH: London Attackers Yell, ‘This is for Allah’
Denmark Demands Money Back from Palestinian Town that Honored Terrorist
Poll: Vast Majority of Israelis Prefer Sovereignty in Jerusalem Over Peace Deal
Opinion: Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Send Wrong Message to Palestinians
WATCH: Reporter Recalls Covering Israel’s Historic Victory in 1967 Six Day War 
Porsche to Invest Tens of Millions in Israeli Auto Technology
Report: Qatar Expels Hamas Members
World Leaders ‘Stand at UK’s Side’ After London Terror Attack
Terror in London: At Least 7 Dead, Scores Wounded in Multiple Attacks
UN: Maintenance Issues Prevent Iran from Breaching Nuclear Deal
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