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The lesser known promise
June 5, 2017

Yeshua assured us, “In Me you may have shalom. In the world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)

Among the many wonderful promises that we are given in the Bible, Yeshua promises us that there will be trouble. But this fact is sandwiched between two other glorious facts: in Him we can have shalom regardless, and we can be sure that He has the ultimate victory!

As the darkness in the world grows darker, just as the Bible said it would, we are to shine brighter and brighter, as we hold out the word of life. We need to stand strong in the truth of God’s word, and stay in His shalom, knowing that He has overcome.

Eitan Kashtan lived a pleasant, ordinary life in an ordinary Israeli family – until disaster struck. Click to watch how God redeemed them from some terrible circumstances, and turned it all around for good! Today Eitan is an elder in one of Israel’s Messianic congregations, and a key figure in helping to promote God’s word in the land.


In the wake of so many horrific attacks, many are quick to condemn the extremists, but still want to accept Islam as a religion of peace. Watch our new video, which shows the great contrast between the religion of Mohammed and the life offered to us in Yeshua the Messiah.


We’d like to introduce you to Gal, who serves as our Coordinator of Student Activities and Missions, and Liah, our Student Registrar. 

Gal came to faith soon after his army service, as a result of staying with some Christians in New Zealand, and Liah was born into a believing family. They both spent time serving in different discipleship ministries in Israel – Gal with Netivah, working with Messianic teenagers, and Liah with Lech Lecha, which is a discipleship program for young adults. 

They married and went to Bible College in Hungary where they had the opportunity to join several trips to European countries to share the gospel. They returned to Israel, fired up for the Great Commission, and with a great passion to see Israelis taking the gospel to the world. For most of modern Israel’s short history, the body of believers have usually been on the receiving end of a lot of mission and aid, but Gal’s desire is to encourage our students to see themselves as givers and not just receivers. He has already led a group of students on one mission trip to Germany earlier this year, and is planning another to East Asia this summer. 


Do you feel more and more that you can empathize with how Daniel and his friends must have felt in Babylon? Fighting a constant push to compromise on matters of faith? We are not the first ones to experience this situation, and the Bible gives us a great deal of wisdom about how to cope and behave from saints who have walked through it before us, under much worse conditions, and survived. In fact, not only did they survive, but they were able to effect powerful change on the whole regime! Continue reading…

Isn’t it prideful of us to claim that there is only one way to God?
Don’t all paths lead to Him?
While we acknowledge the fact that there are ancient traditions and valuable studies regarding morality and integrity in every religion around the world, if God DOES exist, it would stand to reason that He would be the one to decide on the path to reach Him.
Continue reading…


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