“Yeshua” Sculpture by Max Greiner Jr.

On May 10, 2017, artist evangelist, Max Greiner Jr., 
traveled to his Texas bronze foundry to complete 

his first bronze bust of Jesus Christ. 
Max is pictured here with the 105% life-size #1 casting

“YESHUA” On May 10, 2017, artist evangelist, Max Greiner Jr., traveled to his Texas bronze foundry to complete “Yeshua”TM, his first bronze bust of Jesus Christ. Max is pictured here with the 105% life-size #1 casting. At this point in my professional art career (I am 65 years old) I believe God wants me to create a portrait bust sculpture of the one who created the universe, Jesus Christ. All things came together through Him, including me! In our modern world in art, we have lifted up the heroes of sports, music, movies, science, history, politics and the military.

But, where are the monuments and busts of Jesus Christ? Back in 2006, Sherry and I spent a week in Washington DC studying dozens of sculpture gardens in preparation for building THE COMING KING SCULPTURE GARDEN. Sculptures, busts and monuments were all over the capital, honoring everyone and everything. However, I found no monuments, sculptures or busts of Jesus Christ. I am sure there were some iconic sculptures of Christ in the museums and Catholic churches, but there were NONE on display in the public square. So, where were the sculptures honoring the greatest man who ever lived?

In Exodus 31, God called the artist/craftsman Bezalel to create art that honored God. He was commissioned right after God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. God made artists and gave them their talent. I am convinced He also gives them their best ideas too. The Second Commandment instructs mankind not to worship anything but the one true God. It does NOT tell artists to avoid making art. That is a lie from Satan who does not want Jesus Christ lifted up in the public square.

Today, you can’t tell many churches from secular buildings, because all visual images that point to Christ have been omitted.

The Holy Spirit gave me the name, “YESHUA”TM for my new portrait bust of Jesus. Yeshua is the common name for Joshua (Yehoshuah) found in the Bible. Yeshua is the name proclaimed today by all Jewish Believers in the Messiah. The name Jesus corresponds to the Greek spelling, Lesous, from which the Latin translates to the English spelling of Jesus.

My new life-size (105%) “YESHUA”TM sculpture is the perfect size for indoor display at churches, schools, seminaries, ministries, homes and offices. However, this bronze can go outside, if a stone base is used. At this time in world history, all Christians need to stand up for Christ and His Word. This 29” tall bronze sculpture can literally last for thousands of years! And, it is a wonderful way to silently shout “JESUS!”

Please pray about giving my new “YESHUA”TM bronze bust a good home! Ask about our “Ministry Gift Program” for all 501c3 non-profit organizations and churches.

Max Greiner’s “Yeshua”

Steve Martin

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