Prophecy in the News: When did Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Begin? – Ron Cantor Messiah’s Mandate

Did it begin in 1967, when Israeli won Jerusalem or long before? And what are the roots?
For those who were watching closely when President Trump spoke in Israel, you may have noticed that he dated the Arab/Israeli conflict.
“We know, for instance, that both Israelis and Palestinians seek lives of hope for their children. And we know that peace is possible if we put aside the pain and disagreements of the past and commit together to finally resolving this crisis, which has dragged on for nearly half a century or more.”
What happened a half century, or 50 years, ago? Israel won the Six-Day War, taking control of the Old City of Jerusalem. By saying this, President Trump’s speechwriters were clearly saying that the source of the conflict is Israel’s occupation of the Old City of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza and not Arab intolerance of the Jewish nation.
This is straight out of the fictitious, Arab version of the conflict. The Saudis have been saying for years, “Go back to the 1967 borders and we will make peace.”  But this was not the Saudi position before 1967, when she sought Israel’s destruction. Abbas told Trump during his visit to the once-Jewish city of Bethlehem:
“Our fundamental problem is with the occupation and settlements … The problem is not between us and Judaism. It’s between us and occupation.”

Let’s Check History

If that were true, then the Palestinian Liberation Organization would have been created in 1967, or after. Before 1967, Israel did not occupy the West Bank or Gaza. However, the PLO, the organization that Mahmoud Abbas leads, was created in 1964—three years before Israel won Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, Gaza and the entire Sinai Desert.

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