MUSIC FRIDAY! – God Will Make a Way (with lyrics) – Don Moen (VIDEO)


God Will Make a Way (with lyrics)
Don Moen (VIDEO)

The album which includes the song God Will Make A Way.

May 26, 2017
Charlotte, NC

Just this week my oldest daughter Hannah sent me a text with the link to YouTube for this version of Don Moen’s worship song, God Will Make A Way. She said our grandson Levi, 15 months old with TAR Syndrome, was really enjoying it. I said to myself, “Wow! My 30-something daughter is listening to Don Moen, whom is probably my favorite worship leader forever!” 

I still have all his CDs, beginning from the 1980s.

This particular song was a godsend to my good wife Laurie and I, when in 1992 we were living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, along with our children Josh, Ben, Hannah and Christen. We were struggling in our faith, and needed the Lord. 

Sure, I was working with an international ministry, which was the desire of my heart, but we were 30 hours away (by car) to our families in Illinois and Iowa;  we missed the seasons of the Midwest where we both grew up; and neither of us were certain as to what was going to happen next in an important situation we were facing.

But God made a way!

If you need to have the Lord direct your steps today (and who doesn’t?), listen to this song, let the Holy Spirit minister to you like only He can, and see the Lord make the way that He alone knows is the best one planned for you personally.

Be blessed in Jesus,

Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

P.S. I met Don at an NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) convention in Nashville about a decade ago. The man in person is the same man who leads people into the presence of the Lord. Humble, genuine, and full of love for our God.
Here is Don Moen’s story behind the song: 
After learning that his young nephew was killed in a car accident, Don Moen searched for some way to help bring comfort to his grieving family even as he struggled with his own sorrow. While reading Isaiah 43, he asked God to give him something that would bring hope to the family in the middle of a hopeless situation. As he prayed, the words for “God Will Make A Way,” came to mind. He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me.
For a while, that song remained a private message for his family. But slowly, he began sharing it with others and soon found that it was a message for the whole church. A message to cling to when “there seems to be no way.”
Written/published in 1992.
Source: Praise Charts

Video – Uploaded on Sep 5, 2007

Don Moen’s popular song “God Will Make a Way” with lyrics
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