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Come in peace, her Husband’s crown of pride,
With song and good cheer. Among the faithful of the people so dear, enter O bride, enter O Bride;

Sabbath Liturgy

בֹּאִי בְשָׁלוֹם עֲטֶרֶת בַּעְלָהּ גַּם בְּשִׂמְחָה וּבְצָהֳלָה תּוֹךְ אֱמוּנֵי עַם סְגֻלָּה בּוֹאִי  כַלָּה בּוֹאִי כַלָּה

תפילות של שבת
bo-ee b’-sha-lom a-te-ret ba-a-lah gam b’-sim-khah u’-vi-tza-ha-lah tokh e-mu-nay am se-goo-lah bo-ee ka-lah bo-ee ka-lah

Today’s Israel Inspiration

At every Jewish wedding, there is a custom for the couple to sing the song “Jerusalem, if I forget you,” following which the groom steps on a glass cup in order to break it into shards. Few people understand the significance of this tradition: the destruction of the Holy Temple was a catastrophic event that impacted the future of every single Jew. Therefore, even in the happiest of moments (i.e. at a wedding), we must remember the destruction and how the Jewish people are never fully complete without its presence. Although we are rejoicing over the incredible miracle of Jerusalem’s reunification, we must remember that the true goal, of rebuilding the Holy Temple on the Temple Mount, is not yet complete. Therefore we must give every effort to fulfill the words of Jeremiah the Prophet (Jeremiah 33:11): to once again bring joy and song through the happiness of brides and bridegrooms as they fill the Holy City of Jerusalem once more.

The Dazzling History of Jerusalem Plays On the Old City Walls

In a stunning display of music and light, the history of Jerusalem is projected onto the walls of the Old City, from the most moving moments of the reunification to the beautiful modern tableau of today.

DNA Testing Aiding Prophetic Return of Priestly Covenant

In a powerful blend of science and religion, a rabbi has turned to genetics to reinstate the priesthood for the Third Temple. This rabbi believes that science has proven that the priesthood is exactly as the Bible described: An eternal covenant that will reappear to herald in the Third Temple.

An Unprecedented Love Story

There has never been a love story such as the one between the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem. Despite being exiled from Jerusalem for thousands of years, Jews never ceased to pray for Jerusalem, about Jerusalem, and facing Jerusalem. Fifty years ago, we merited to see the hand of God as Jerusalem was reunited and brought under Jewish sovereignty. People from all over the world have flocked to Jerusalem to celebrate this momentous anniversary. If there was ever a time to praise God, it is now- on the 50th anniversary of the reunification of the Holy City.

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Today’s Israel Photo

Today’s photo depicts a tradition at every Jewish wedding where the groom steps on a glass in order to commemorate the destruction of the Jewish Holy Temple.
Photo by Shutterstock

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