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City Of David Joins BIN Conference to Discover Prophecy Through Archaeology

Governor Huckabee Signs Jerusalem Covenant With Yehudah Glick [WATCH]

The Mezuzah Explained in 60 Seconds!

This awesome video will teach you all about the Jewish ritual of placing a Mezuzah on one’s doorpost- in 60 seconds!! A mezuzah case acts as a holder for a piece of genuine parchment which includes the blessings of the Shema. Every Jewish doorway has a mezuzah, which consciously declares God’s presence under that roof. Watch now to find out more!

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WATCH: Trump Lays Memorial Wreath at Yad Vashem

ICYMI: Are Jerusalem’s Ancient Temple Vessels Hidden in Plain Sight?

Trump’s Saudi Speech: Pretty Good

By Daniel Pipes
It’s a good speech that signals a major shift in the right direction from the Obama years, particularly concerning Iran and Islam.
Parsing Words
By Jim Fletcher
By Soeren Kern
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