Symbolism in Trump Visit Points to One Fact: Jerusalem is Central to Israel – 05-22-2017 CBN News Stephen Little

Symbolism in Trump Visit Points to One Fact: Jerusalem is Central to Israel

05-22-2017  CBN News Stephen Little
President Donald Trump is the first sitting American president to visit the Western Wall. He did more than just stand for a photo-op; however, he said a prayer and then left a slip of paper in a crevice. That is the traditional practice of Jews leaving their petitions with God.
Dr. Cornelius Bekker, a Bible scholar and Dean of the Divinity School at Regent University, says the symbolism is purposeful and powerful.
“One of the extraordinary steps he is taking, is to communicate to the world that he believes that Israel has a claim on Jerusalem. That this ancient temple that was built there 3,000 years ago communicates the historic reality that Jerusalem is, indeed, the capital of Israel,” Bekker told CBN News.
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“To see the President of the United States making prayer a priority is an extraordinarily moving image. Then, of course, the choice of the place. The Western Wall is the last remaining retaining wall that formed the platform on which the Jewish Temple was built; and, it’s the most holy site in all of Judaism and for him to go down there and to spend some time in prayer…a very moving image, indeed,” he said.

The fact that President Trump also visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site where some believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected also sends a message by focusing “on the historic reality that Jerusalem is the center of the Christian faith, as well.”
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However, his biggest prayer is that Mr. Trump will take “one step further” and keep his campaign pledge that the U.S will declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
Christians should be passionate about Israel and showing support for the Jewish sate, Bekker said.   
“It’s very clear from the Scriptures that this is about God’s faithfulness; and, if God is indeed not faithful to His first people, the people of Israel, we have no foundation for our faith. And, so it’s ultimately about our faith and if we can trust God in the way that He has dealt with Israel, then, indeed, we can trust Him.” 

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