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This morning I saw this vision again, and I heard the words, “WAVES of Restoration.” I knew again that this was a corporate message. (Pexels)

Interceding for the Coming Waves of Restoration

Some years ago, I had an intense vision that God recently brought back to my memory. I was praying and I felt as if I was on a beach and the water on shore began to get shallower. As I prayed, I looked up and saw a huge wave. It was something bigger than I had seen before in the natural. This wave towered over me, and for a moment I thought it would wash me out into the water, but instead, as the water began to fall, I could feel myself dancing in the waves. I remember when God gave me that vision asking Him about the water getting shallow just before I saw the wave. What God was telling me was—just as in the natural—sometimes when a big wave is getting ready to fall upon you, just before then it can feel as if things are getting more and more shallow. God was telling me that I was about to see a wave, but to know it wasn’t going to crash me into the shore, but it was going to be a good God thing.
Honestly, I remember praying about this vision, I did share it with some, and my family and I did experience quite the season of change after it. I knew when I had this vision the first time it wasn’t just for us but was a corporate word for the body of Christ.
This morning I saw this vision again, and I heard the words, “WAVES of Restoration.” I knew again that this was a corporate message.
I believe that as a whole church we are in a season of restoration. I’m not about to prophesy that everything will get better, and we will all skip merrily along in this life. But I am saying that God is restoring to you seven-fold what the enemy has stolen. I believe there are many reading this who have lost health, relationships, finances and favor. These were situations that potentially could have broken you and taken you out. But because you have continued to move forward in what you know that God has shown you, a wave is coming forth. In areas where there has been sickness, you are going to see that situation turn around. In areas where you thought there was no hope for that relationship or that connection, you are going to see things come around. In areas where you thought the financial well was dry, God is churning the water again and the pump is going back in the well. There is restoration here for His people, and I believe we are in a season where it shall manifest. Even though in the natural it appears to be hopeless, I believe God is saying, “I am bringing hope back to you this day.”
For those of you who know this is for you, agree with me in prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, You have seen my tears, and You’ve seen the situations. However, I thank You that joy has come. I thank You, Lord Jesus, that You are turning this situation around, and I will testify of Your goodness. I will see the fruit manifest that You have spoken. Even when it looked impossible, Lord God, You declared it possible. I trust in You for this restoration. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 
Anna M. Aquino is a published author, guest minister and prophetic voice. Her books Cursing the Church or Helping It?Confessions of a Ninja Mom and An Ember In Time are available wherever books are sold. Marriage in Time is set to release in July of 2017. Please feel free to check out her website at
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