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I knew we were not supposed to look to the left or to the right to entertain the doors beside us. I knew we were to remain focused on the door straight ahead.
I knew we were not supposed to look to the left or to the right to entertain the doors beside us. I knew we were to remain focused on the door straight ahead. (Pixabay)
Recently, the Lord gave me a very detailed prophetic dream. In the beginning of the dream, my wife and I opened and walked through a door that led to an extremely long hallway. As we proceeded to walk down the hall, we were walking side-by-side. As we continued down the hallway, you could feel the pressure increase and it felt like something was pressing down on us, but only slightly. As our journey continued, we noticed that on the right of us, there was a door with a man standing beside it. He spoke to us, and we just acknowledged him by nodding our heads but kept walking. Then we looked to the left of us and there was another door with a gentleman standing beside it. He spoke to us as well, but we just nodded at him and kept walking.
As we continued down the hallway, about every 10 to 12 feet there would be a door on the right and then 10 to 12 feet further there would be a door to the left. Each door always had a doorman. The unique thing is every single door looked completely different and each doorman was different as well. Some of the men were tall and some were short. Some were dressed in nice suits or tuxedos. Some of the men were in casual clothing, while others looked like they were going to the beach. Each door and each doorman was completely different.
As we passed them, each of the doorman spoke to us, trying to draw our attention to the door. We passed numerous doors, and the hallway seemed to get narrower. I put my arm around my wife and pulled her closer. While we continued down the hallway, you could feel the pressure through the hallway getting more and more intense. At this point, I looked to the very end of the hallway and there was one door straight ahead that did not have a doorman. We were going to pass about 10 more doors on the right and about 10 on the left before we would reach the door at the end. I could sense that the Lord was beckoning and calling us to continue moving forward until we reached the door at the very end. As we started to pursue the door at the end, the doorman to the right and to the left became more persuasive and more aggressive. I knew in the dream that they wanted us to be distracted and acknowledge their doors. However, I knew we were not supposed to look to the left or to the right to entertain the doors beside us. I knew we were to remain focused on the door straight ahead.
We finally arrived at the end of the hallway at the door with no doorman. We knocked gently a few times and the door opened by itself. We passed through the open door and then noticed there were five steps. My wife and I, hand-in-hand, started walking up the steps and as we proceeded forward we walked up on a beautiful open area. All of a sudden a lot of people started walking towards us. The only way I know how to describe the people is that they were genuine, authentic and real. They were celebrating with us about our arrival through the only door in the hallway that had no doorman. They gathered around us and each of them were giving us words of affirmation and declaring life over us. They were speaking to us about how thankful they were that we had made the journey and congratulated us for never looking to the right or to the left. They were congratulating us on joining them.
After this dream it was apparent to me that every door to the right or the left of the hallway represented doors of opportunity. Some were good doors, and others were bad doors. I sensed that some of the doors were full of manipulation. Some doors were wrong paths, and some were good business ventures or ideas. The one thing these doors had in common was that each of them were opened by man. These doors may have been offered with good intentions or bad intentions. They could have led to good ideas or bad ideas, but all them had worldly wisdom behind them. The door that we walked through was a door that had no doorman. The door we were meant to walk through was the door that only God could open for us. God wants to open doors for you that only He can open. The different doors and different types of doormen were trying to persuade us to look their way and walk through their door but the voice of God Almighty was calling us to walk down the hallway through the door that He had for us. We cannot be persuaded by the appearance of any opportunity but instead we must remain faithful to listen to the voice of God. We came out of the hallway and into an open area filled with genuine, authentic people. This represented the transition out of the man-made systems and opportunities into the kingdom of God.
The Lord showed me in this dream that the body of Christ must focus in on the door that God has called us to walk through. In order to hit your mark and enter into the season that God has for you, you must not look to the right of to the left. The door that God has for you will open wide, and you will find yourself in a beautiful place filled with genuine, kingdom people. My friends, listen to the voice of God and walk through the doors that He has appointed for you in this time and in this season. 
Joe Joe Dawson is the president of Burn Texarkana Revival center and House of Prayer. Pastor Dawson also serves as staff evangelist for First Assembly of God in Texarkana, Texas, where he also is now the Tribe College/young adult pastor. Burn Texarkana has one revival/awakening service per month at First Assembly and also has Burn on the Road meetings in neighboring cites monthly. There are four Burn Texarkana prayer meetings each week. He also serves on the leadership team of New Breed Revivalists Network.
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