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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Entrepreneur Lance Wallnau
Lance Wallnau: Why I’ve Been Silent Recently

“Should I tell people what I’m thinking? Because someone’s going to misunderstand.” 
WannaCry Ransomware Screenshot
Jim Bakker: Ransomware Attack is a ‘Last Days Event’

He says the Lord spoke to him on New Year’s Eve of 1999 there would be “great computer confusion—warfare like we’ve never seen before with computers.”
A cyberattack struck much of the world over the weekend.
How the Cyberattacks Fit Into End-Times Prophecies

There may be more to this weekend’s attacks than meets the eye.
Will you be watching the sky come August?
A Sign of the Times? The Sun Will Totally Disappear in 97 Days

Are you ready?
Heidi's testimony will encourage you to dream bigger.
How Heidi Baker’s Supernatural Encounter With Holy Spirit Is Changing Nations

Let this testimony encourage you.
Here’s the Deal
The US capitol
Trump Administration Reveals Top 4 Prayer Needs as They Embrace the Mordecai Mantle

One official reminded us how Mordecai in Scripture challenged Esther to stand for righteousness, pray and act in their critical time of opportunity, and so must we.
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