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And to Zion it will be said, “Man after man was born in her,” and He will establish it on high.

וּלֲצִיּוֹן יֵאָמַר אִישׁ וְאִישׁ יֻלַּד בָּהּ וְהוּא יְכוֹנְנֶהָ עֶלְיוֹן

 תהילים פז:ה
u-l’-tzee-yon yay-a-mar eesh v’-eesh yu-lad ba v’-hu y’-kho-n’-ne-ha el-yon

Shabbat Inspiration

What is the meaning of the double word ‘man‘ in today’s verse? Tradition teaches that when King David refers to those who were born in Zion, he is not only referring to those actually born there. Rather, the double word is meant to teach us that even those who yearn to be in Zion are considered to be children of Zion, as if they had been born there! However, many children who are blessed enough to be born in Israel sadly do not have the tools to succeed here. Along with providing meals to hundreds of thousands of people every single day, Meir Panim ensures the success of every child through youth programs and other forms of care.

Want to Help Israel’s Hungry? All You Have to Do Is EAT!

On Monday, May 15, communities across the United States will join together in dining at participating kosher restaurants to feed hungry Israelis. Ten percent of proceeds will go toward funding Meir Panim’s restaurant-style soup kitchens in Israel.

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A Dose of Jewish Inspiration

Creative artist and musician, Dov Rosenblatt shares his Jewish inspiration and what drives him to love his Judaism and himself.

More Than a Name

God has great interest and involvement with each and every one of us as we are all his children. God related to us through our given name. According to Jewish tradition, one’s name has a deep spiritual dimension and impacts a person’s character throughout their life. Don’t know your Hebrew name? No problem! Many English names derive from Hebrew names in the Bible, and the rest have etymological or spiritual cousins in Biblical sources. Just type in your English name below and we’ll find the Hebrew name in the Bible that’s most closely connected to yours.

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Today’s Israel Photo

Elad Matityahu captured this amazing photo of a bird soaring across the Jerusalem skies against the blazing sun.

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Malaysia. She does not have diplomacy with israel. but on a personal level, i love the people of israel the musical culture aspect is wonderful. young and old dancing in the streets which i dont see elsewhere particularly on festive festivals.May i request some of the songs in Hebrew which i am learning…..but without the English phonetics from you. I have gather quite a number of them from internet , some really hard to find. Particularly the five minute of the “Mashiach” medley.– Gerald Woon. Perhaps you could send me some except this Yvarehecha Hashem which i managed to find ……the medley is very lively…bravo. Thank you in advance.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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