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Apostle John Eckhardt Says Another Jesus Movement Is Beginning

Apostle John Eckhardt, author of Prayers That Rout Demons, believes a great move of God is about to happen. I interviewed him on my Strang Report podcast, and he says the move of God will be among Millennials, likening it to the Jesus Movement of the late 1960s and 1970s that I wrote about last month in my print column in Charisma magazine.
Below you can click on the podcast and hear us discuss how—despite the doom and gloom we see in the news—God is at work and answering our prayers.
Young people are tired of “talking and theology,” Eckhardt told me. “They are looking for an experience—what I call glory encounters.” One of the ways is the combining of prophetic ministry and worship music. In fact, he says he’s seeing the beginnings of this in the entire Chicago area—something you don’t hear on the news.
I mentioned how Loren Cunningham had told me essentially the same thing. It was interesting that two respected leaders from different parts of the body of Christ were sensing the same thing in the spirit.
I reported in an earlier Strang Report that there’s another element to bringing in this worldwide awakening, and that is getting God’s Word into every one of the 7,092 known languages of the world. It’s Loren’s goal to have a spoken word translation by 2020 and a written language translation by 2033.
Gutenberg’s 1439 invention of the printing press gave common people access to the Bible for the first time, which later helped spread the Reformation across Europe and the world. Cunningham believes that the Word of God becoming foundational in Europe during that time gave rise to Western civilization and the advancements we’ve seen in the world since then. Returning to the Word of God as our foundation will accomplish the same thing.
Eckhardt believes technology will be part of this great move of God. In the same way, Gutenberg’s Bible meant millions had access to God’s Word, and that sparked the Reformation. Today’s technology, especially through social media, allows the truth to reach parts of the world where missionaries are not allowed. Eckhardt has been astounded to see the interest in his ministry from all over the world through what he does on Periscope, Instagram and Facebook.
Eckhardt said he’s beginning to see it in Chicago, but even that is not widely reported except in places like charismanews.com. If you haven’t downloaded our free mobile app for Charisma News, I encourage you to do so to keep up with what God is doing as we report the news from a spiritual perspective.
It also helps you know how to pray. Let’s believe that what Eckhardt and Cunningham are seeing in the spirit will come to pass in our day. 
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The Next Spiritual Movement with John Eckhardt
A spiritual movement of prophetic worship is arising within the next generation. Be encouraged to know your prayers are being answered as you listen to Apostle John Eckhardt share what he is seeing in the prophetic bringing the youth into the churches to encounter God’s glory.
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