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Israeli Independence Day Celebration
Munday and Jennifer Martin say the Lord has told them a sign will emerge over Israel this summer, signalling something greater than the Jesus Movement. (Reuters photo)

Prophecy: A Sign Will Rise Above Israel

Prophetic ministers Munday and Jennifer Martin, writing to readers of Elijah List, said something “far greater than the Jesus Movement” is coming in a new word shared on Friday.
“Something even greater than the former Jesus Movement is upon us right now!” they wrote. “There is a fresh stirring of hunger for love in America. People in the church are feeling it. People outside the four walls of the church are feeling the drawing. Harvesting angels at this hour are being sent out on assignments. People are hungering for acceptance, forgiveness and the supernatural, and they are struggling with their identities. Jesus is about to quench a desperate thirst that nothing this world is currently offering can afford and that no community can give outside of the Holy Spirit.
“God has always had a heart for cities and nations even when darkness was upon them—such as Nineveh. This generation reminds us of the days of the hippies and bohemians, when many youth (though entrenched in darkness of New Age and drugs) were hungry for truth, experience and love. Sadly, much of the church in that time could not offer it in fullness until the precious Holy Spirit showed up—the only One that can draw people to Jesus. What is the precursor for a nation to be awakened to God? Common logic reveals that every revival in history was preceded with great darkness or deception in a nation. But a lovesick remnant would arise and say, ‘We want You, Holy Spirit!'”
They note that the world is approaching the 50th anniversary of the end of the Six-Day War as well as the launch of the Jesus Movement. The number 50 is the number of jubilee, they added, stating that a new great awakening has been triggered and will come soon.
“America is in the season of healing revival again,” they wrote. “Miracle harvest glory is coming, and the Lord says, ‘Watch the month of August, as you will begin to see signs of this in the heavens and in the news as we approach the jubilee of the Six-Day War in June!’
“This summer, God will release a sign over the nation of Israel and in the city of Jerusalem and it will be on the news. Everyone will be talking about it. This is the sign that this word is truly coming to pass.”
Click here to read the entire article at the Elijah List.
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