Resurrection Celebration – A Testimony Shared

LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE NOTE: I received this in my email on April 20, 2017, from a Charleston, SC resident (my sister!). I thought you’d enjoy reading it too.

Steve Martin
Love For His People
I wanted to encourage you with my story…
The week of the Resurrection was a normal one at work…lots of complaining and fussing with the coworkers. On Tuesday I felt the Lord “whisper in my ear”, to buy everyone a Resurrection card and invite them to church. Now at Christmas time we all exchange gifts and the ‘Christmas Spirit”  for the most part is pretty strong in the office with everyone smiling and being more pleasant. 
Well this time of year is pretty busy and most of the employees are not so very happy under the strain and stress. So when the Lord told me to do this, I was at first excited ( I was still at home), then when I got to work I thought, no, I don’t want to do that, nobody is interested nor care.
Then the next day, Wednesday, I heard Him tell me to do it again. So out of obedience and the challenge you had given us at church, I took my break and went to the Dollar Tree to pick out my cards and to buy everyone a full size candy bar to tape to the envelope. Well I needed 15 cards and there was the PERFECT card ( AND exactly 15 of them!) that said on the front “You are a special gift made from God above”. 
I was so excited! I picked out about 20 different candy bars and went to my car. I addressed each envelope and wrote inside each in my car. When I went inside my office, I started to work on typing up an invitation to say if they did not have a church to celebrate Christ Resurrection I would love to have them come visit mine and I gave the name, address and time of our service. I copied to about 4 on a page and printed it out on purple paper. 
Now the miraculous of all this time is NOBODY came in to interrupt me and the phone did not ring! Now that doesn’t happen! I was able to tape the candy to each card after cutting and inserting the invite without any asking what was I doing.
What happened next was spectacular!
I walked around and handed each their card, calling it an Easter Basket, when I got looks of surprise. Well, what happened was it CHANGED the atmosphere in there! It was awesome! People said thank you and gave me hugs and 3 said I gave them the perfect candy of their choice  (Holy Spirit led, right!?). I was so blessed…and all because I was obedient! One even said they would like sometime to join me at church.
And then the topping on the cake was serving communion at church. What an honor we have to serve His body and blood to the family of God! That the Lord wanted to share of Himself so intimately.
Thank you Jon for all you do and sacrifice for His body!
Have a wonderful day!
Have a blessed day,

Steve Martin

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