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Behold, I will lift up My hand to the nations, and set up My banner to the people, and they shall bring your sons in their bosom, and your daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders.

הִנֵּה אֶשָּׂא אֶל גּוֹיִם יָדִי וְאֶל עַמִּים אָרִים נִסִּי וְהֵבִיאוּ בָנַיִךְ בְּחֹצֶן וּבְנֹתַיִךְ עַל  כָּתֵף תִּנָּשֶׂאנָה

ישעיהו מט:כב
hi-nay a-sa el go-yim ya-dee v’-el a-meem a-reem ni-see v’-hay-vee-u ba-nai-yikh b’-kho-tzen u-v’-no-tai-yikh al ka-tayf ti-na-se-na

Shabbat Inspiration

In an uplifting moment in IDF history, in 1949 the IDF reached the southernmost city of Eilat during the last operation of the War of Independence. The city fell into Israeli hands without a fight. When the soldiers realized they didn’t have an Israeli flag, they made one from a white sheet with two ink stripes and a Star of David taken from a first aid kit. This moment symbolized the end of the War of Independence and lives on as a symbol of Israel’s victory. Today the soldiers of the IDF are facing enemies on all sides and need our support more than ever.

Salute the IDF’s Most ‘Special’ Soldiers

All of the IDF’s precious soldiers are special,  but this group has overcome incredible obstacles in order to serve their country. We salute them!

For the First Time, IDF Tests Women for Grueling Armored Corps

As the Israel Defense Force (IDF) strives to increase gender integration in combat units, 15 female soldiers have been recruited into the Armored Corps to test their suitability. We applaud their courage and strength!

Today’s Israel Photo

IDF lone soldiers partake in a communal Passover seder sponsored by LIBI, an organization which ensured that even though they could not be with their families this holiday, they would still have an opportunity to celebrate!

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