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The month of Nisan comes to break up the harsh spiritual winter. (Pixabay)

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Unlocks the Mystery of Nisan: The Month of Messiah

Editor’s Note: This mystery is taken from The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn’s national best-seller that takes you on a one-year journey into the desert with “the teacher” with the greatest mysteries of God and the greatest secrets of overcoming in your walk with God, one for every day of the year. You can get The Book of Mysteries for yourself wherever books are sold.
We were walking along a barren plain when he stopped to pick up a desert flower that had just blossomed.
“Even in the desert,” said the teacher, “you can find blossoms.”
“It’s beautiful,” I replied.
“The word for ‘winter’ in the Scriptures is the Hebrew setavSetav means the season of hiding or the time of darkness. The winter is the season of darkness, barrenness and death. But each year, the winter ends with the coming of the Hebrew month of Nisan.”
“In the spring.”
“Yes,” said the teacher. “Nisan is the month that ends the season of darkness, that breaks the death of winter. Nisan is the month when the earth again bears its fruit, and its flowers again begin to blossom. Nisan is the month of new life. In fact, the word ‘nisan’ means ‘the beginning.’ Nisan is the month when the sacred Hebrew year begins anew.”
“Why is that significant?”
“Because Nisan is the month of redemption, the month of Messiah. It’s the month Messiah chose to enter Jerusalem, to die on the cross, and to rise from death to life. Why do you think it all happened in Nisan?”
“Because Nisan is the time of new beginning. So when Messiah comes, it must be a new beginning. So it must be Nisan. And Nisan is the season of new life. So Messiah’s coming brings new life … a new birth.
“Yes,” said the teacher. “And what else does Nisan do?”
“It ends the winter.”
“What winter would be ended?” he asked.
“Our winter,” I said. “The winter of our lives. The season of our darkness … the time of our hiding … the days of living in the shadows … the season of our barrenness … when our life can’t bear the fruit it was meant to bear.”
“Yes,” said the teacher, “Messiah’s coming is our Nisan, that which ends the winter of our lives and begins the spring of our lives. That’s the power of Messiah, the power of Nisan. And for those in Messiah … it is always Nisan.  And that is where we must always stay, in the season of new life, of new beginnings, of blossoming and the end of winter.
Break out of the winter and out of every darkness, and bear the fruit your life was meant to bear. Live in the power of Nisan. 
Book of MysteriesAdapted from The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn, copyright 2016, published by FrontLine, Charisma Media/Charisma House books. The book is a treasure chest of 365 life-changing devotionals that uncover mysteries, reveal truths, bring end-time revelation and give keys to opening the doors to a life full of joy, blessings and fulfillment. To order your copy, click here.
Prayer Power for the Week of April 9, 2017
This week as we move toward remembering and celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, ask Him for divine connections where He can use you to be a blessing and point others to His love and redemption. In all the festivities, take time to meditate on His great sacrifice, thank Him for it and rejoice that because He lives, we are reconciled to God and have the gospel of reconciliation to share with a dying world. Continue to pray for revival in our nation and around the world. Remember Israel during this busy tourist season, and lift up our leaders and allies: Isaiah 13:1-5; Hab. 2:14; James 5:16. 
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