Diagnosed with Autism, This Bible Bee Contestant’s Testimony Will ‘Give You Chills’ – CBN News

Diagnosed with Autism, This Bible Bee Contestant’s Testimony Will ‘Give You Chills’

CBN News 03-25-2017
Actor Kirk Cameron is hosting the second season of “The National Bible Bee Game Show,” which kicked off Tuesday night, along with co-hosts the Benham Brothers.
Seventy-two young people from around the country will come together to battle it out for a cash prize, based on how well they really know the Bible. The show combines Biblical knowledge with fun, as young contestants from ages 7 to 18 years old compete for the win.

“Since the ‘National Bible Bee’ started in 2009, I’ve been a fan and supporter,” Cameron said. “‘The National Bible Bee Game Show’ stirs up fun, excitement and a lot of ‘intended consequences’ in homes worldwide.”
More than 40,000 young people have taken part in the contest since it aired for the first time in 2009. Each one of those contestants has a unique personal story to tell.
One remarkable contestant from this year’s Bible Bee is a young man who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, partly because he couldn’t speak.
But then God did something amazing, and Christian Cinema reports, “his story will give you chills!” Watch it right here:
Emeal Zwayne, national spokesperson for the Bible Bee, hopes families will learn the Bible together while watching the show.
“Twenty-five percent of Christians never read the Bible, research says. So Bible literacy is the brass ring,” Zwayne said. “‘The National Bible Bee Game Show’ flips challenge into opportunity as whole families get into God’s Word to compete together or to cheer on contestants from home.”
The show will air Tuesdays at 8/7 pm Central time starting on April 4th. Families can watch it live on Facebook at ChristianCinema.tv and on the web at ChristianCinema.com.
One past winner says the game goes beyond Bible memorization, but challenges contestants to dive deep into God’s word.
“It’s not just memorizing Scripture,” said 2015 winner Hannah Leary. “It’s studying Scripture and being able to dive in deep and understand what God has to say in His Word.”
You can catch a sneak peek of one of this year’s contestants and see her amazing scripture memory on display, right here:

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