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Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion;
the same is the City of David

וַיִּלְכֹּד דָּוִד אֵת מְצֻדַת צִיּוֹן–הִיא עִיר דָּוִד

שמואל ב ה:ז
va-yil-kod da-vid ayt m’-tzu-dat tzi-yon hee eer da-vid

Today’s Israel Inspiration

King David’s palace was amazingly discovered in the City of David, just outside the present walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. After years of archaeological excavations, an ancient Canaanite fortress was uncovered at this site as well. As today’s verse describes, when King David entered the city he conquered the “stronghold of Zion” from the pagan Jebusites, quite possibly this very fortress discovered thousands of years later! By wearing a piece of jewelry from the City of David, you carry the ancient biblical world with you, each gorgeous replica copying archaeological findings to the most minute detail.

A Story of Aliya

Follow Yakir on his journey from the moment he steps off the plane as Israel’s newest citizen to donning the green IDF uniform in order to defend the land he loves!

Far-Flung Tribe of Indian Jews Prepares Matzah for Passover

The Bnei Menashe community across the remote northeastern Indian state of Manipur have begun preparing for Passover this week. On Thursday, the community baked matzah, the traditional unleavened bread of Passover at the Shavei Israel Hebrew Center in Churachandpur.

Why do We Bless Wine at the Onset of Shabbat?

The Sages, in their understanding of Exodus 20:9 instructed that the sanctification of the Sabbath and other Holy Days be accompanied by wine. They also instructed that the “Kiddush” or sanctification be made over the wine at the onset of the Sabbath, before the Sabbath meal. By reciting the “Kiddush”- the blessing over wine on the Sabbath, we proclaim the sanctity of the Sabbath day. The wording of the blessing that we recite over the wine mentions both the creation of the world and the redemption from Egypt as examples of God’s grandeur. Lastly, Kiddush proclaims the beauty of the day of rest which is about to come. Watch to find out more!

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Today’s Israel Photo

This adorable little boy is excited to be waving the Israeli flag that’s bigger than he is!

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