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Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 

Here at Israel College of the Bible the landscape of the Scriptures and the history of Israel is right outside our door! So we make the most of the opportunities to take our students outside, and go on field trips together.

On Thursday we will explore the northern town of Zippori, a feast for archaeologists. It was here that Herod Antipas lived, and it was an important center of Rabbinic Judaism for a while, where the Sanhedrin used to meet. We will see well-preserved mosaics and ancient synagogues, but we will also enjoy some unhurried fellowship time with the students.
STAFF IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Andreas Stutz, Faculty staff 
You know Moti, Eitan and Erez by now, but we would love to introduce you to some of our staff who are not so often in the spotlight! Here is Andreas Stutz, who teaches Theology here at Israel College of the Bible.

Andreas is from a Jewish family who made aliyah to Israel from Switzerland when he was three years old. After serving in the Israeli army, he married and moved with his wife to Germany to study Theology. 

He has studied in three seminaries there, and earned his most recent qualification from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at the Bibelseminar Bonn. Andreas pastored a Church in Germany for five years and has now returned to Israel with his family, as a valued member of our faculty at Israel College of the Bible. 
Andreas teaches several courses, including Theology, Introduction to the Bible for our “Firstfruits” foundation course, Wisdom Literature, and is currently teaching a course on the book of Acts. He has a great passion for exegesis with a view to preaching, and regularly shares his love of text-driven preaching with our students!
Israeli Jewish Millionaire 
found her lifestyle to be empty. 
Watch her amazing journey to…JESUS!



There are some twisted people who are so committed to their religion that they will kill for it. But we are led by a matchless Messiah who never harmed a soul, never encouraged violence, and was even willing to die for his enemies – the very opposite. As we follow Yeshua, are we willing to follow in his footsteps of self-sacrificial love? Martyrs for Yeshua don’t kill, but offer life, even to their murderers. Continue reading…


On May 20th, we will be at Life Bible Church, 23650 Peoria Road, Harrisburg, Oregon, to speak about the exciting things that God is doing among us here in Israel, and how you can be a key part of it! The event will be 5-8pm, with doors opening at 4:30pm. It will be an invitation only event, so if you would like to join us, please register no later than May 6th

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