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If you follow My statutes and observe My commandments and perform them, I will give your rains in their time, the Land will yield its produce, and the tree of the field will give forth its fruit.

אִם בְּחֻקֹּתַי בחוקותי תֵּלֵכוּ וְאֶת מִצְו‍ֹתַי תִּשְׁמְרוּ וַעֲשִׂיתֶם אֹתָם: וְנָתַתִּי גִשְׁמֵיכֶם בְּעִתָּם וְנָתְנָה הָאָרֶץ יְבוּלָהּ וְעֵץ הַשָּׂדֶה יִתֵּן פִּרְיוֹ

ויקרא כו:ג,ד
im b’-khu-ko-tai b’-khu-ko-tai tay-lay-khu v’-et mitz-vo-tai tish-m’-ru va-a-see-tem o-tam: v’-na-ta-tee gish-may-khem b’-i-tam v’-nat-na ha-a-retz y’-vu-la v’-aytz ha-sa-de yi-tayn pree-yo

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Look closely at today’s verse; are the beautiful blessings promised by God material or spiritual in nature, and why? Notice that only material rewards for prosperity are listed, with no mention of earned spiritual merit. Our Sages found this strange and explained it as follows: One who has food and security, and all of his needs met, will find it easier for continue fulfilling God’s commandments, which obviously earns spiritual rewards as well. Join with Colel Chabad, Israel’s oldest charitable organization, in bringing down blessings to the world and providing the poor of Israel with all their needs as the holiday of Passover approaches!

Colel Chabad is Gearing Up to Bring Passover to Thousands. Check it out!

Thousands of Israeli families- widows and orphans, forgotten seniors and struggling families- are counting on Colel Chabad this Passover holiday. After all, we’ve been coming through for them since 1788, all with the generosity of our supporters.

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Initially, many residents refused to move into the apartments, fearful of being left to their own devices. However, now they truly feel part of a community and are thoroughly enjoying their increased freedoms thanks to this incredible innovation.



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Today’s Israel Photo

Look at how the Bible comes to life in Israel! This wheat field is in Mevo Dotan (Dotan’s approach), a village near the ancient town of Dotan, mentioned in the Bible as the place where Joseph finds his brothers in the field (Genesis 37:17).

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