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Whoever is in need, let him come and celebrate with us. This year we are here; next year may we be in the
Land of Israel.

Passover Haggadah

וְכָל דִּצְרִיךְ לְפַסַּח יֵיתֵי וִיפַסַּח  שַׁתָּא הָכָא לַשָּׁנָה הַבָּאָה בְּאַרְעָא דְּיִשְׂרָאֵל

הגדה של פסח

v’-khol ditz-reekh l’-pa-sakh, yay-tay vee-pa-sakh. sha-ta ha-kha la-sha-na ha-ba-a b’-ar-a d’-yis-ra-ayl

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Today’s verses seem totally unrelated: the first is an invitation to the needy, and the second expresses the eternal hope of the Jewish people to return to Israel. A great Torah commentator, the Hidda, gave a fascinating explanation for the hidden connection between these two verses. He says that one reason why God expelled the people from His land was their failure to provide for the poor (see Lamentations 1:3). Thus by caring for those less fortunate, we are rectifying this error and bringing closer the ultimate redemption. With the festive holiday of Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) quickly approaching, the Israel365 Charity Fund is partnering with other Israeli organizations to provide Passover essentials, including food and ritual items, so they too can partake in the joy!

Preparing for Passover With Mayim Bialik!

Passover is only a few weeks away and there is so much to do! Here’s a video of our favorite Jewish celeb shopping for the Passover essentials with her children, getting ready for the best holiday of the year!

Torah Codes Hint Korean Nuclear Threat Could Stir Legions of Angels in Apocalyptic War

A Torah codes expert discovered hints concerning North Korea’s recent threat to use nuclear weapons against America and revealed that the despotic regime is specifically designated as having a terrifying role in the end-of-days.

Prepare for Passover with the “Patterns of Evidence” DVD

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus by Timothy Mahony, is a video presenting an examination of a plethora of information gathered during twelve years of research and travel, in an attempt to unlock and reveal evidence of one of the most well-known stories within biblical history, the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Literary, archaeological and historical records were examined to determine whether or not the famous story of the Exodus of Israelites from the land of Egypt is fact or fiction. Purchase this DVD today to reveal the hidden secrets behind the Biblical account of the Exodus!

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Today’s Israel Photo

Featured in today’s photo by Safi Allman is Mount Scopus, a landmark in eastern Jerusalem and home to numerous notable institutions, such as Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital, the National Botanical Gardens, and Ammunition Hill, to name a few.

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