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Listen to Lance Wallnau Tell Why We Should Pray for Milo and Must Break the Spirit of Leviathan

When the left-wing media turned on Milo Yiannopoulos, the conservative gay media phenomenon, a couple of weeks ago, some Christians seemed eager to pile on. They may agree with Milo’s conservative views, but they don’t approve of his being gay.
However, Dr. Lance Wallnau has a different view. Lance—a businessman whom God is raising up as a prophetic voice—spoke up and said Christians should pray for Milo instead of attacking him. You can read our report here on
Lance is one of the prophetic voices who, more than a year ago, said God was raising Donald Trump to be like Cyrus and that he would be elected. This was back when no one gave him a chance of winning—including me. Back then, most conservative evangelical leaders were not being prophetic but were trying to back anyone but Trump. Most were playing political games, hoping to secure themselves a place at the table in the new administration.
Now, Lance is speaking out about what’s really going on with the radical left in this country. They control Hollywood, academia, the media and much of the governmental bureaucracy today. I interviewed him on my Strang Report podcast to get his take on the solutions, and he offered interesting insights into how what happened to Milo is part of what the Bible calls the Spirit of Leviathan (See Job 3:8, 41:1, 10; Ps. 74:14, 104:26; Is. 27:1).
Rather than simply repeating what Lance says, I invite you to click on the 19-minute podcast to hear a lively discussion about current events, the role of the church, the strange case of Milo becoming a media phenomenon and how the left tried to destroy him because of his conservative stance. We ended by joining in prayer for Milo to come to know the Lord.
If you agree with what Lance has to say, share it on social media. Some of my previous podcasts with him have been hugely popular, almost to the point of going viral. 
Let’s support what this prophet of God is doing and saying. Lance must sometimes feel as if he’s alone, crying in the wilderness like prophets of old.  And let’s pray God raises up other prophetic voices at this important time in our nation’s history. 
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Lance Wallnau Says Pray for Milo and Break the Spirit of Leviathan
Who is driving liberal activists crazy? It’s a young man speaking against the status quo named Milo Yiannopoulos. Hear Lance Wallnau explain why Milo is stirring up controversy in politics and the media. Wallnau calls Christians to pray for Milo and to break the 

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