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See Why Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims Are Choosing Jesus Over Allah

CBN News 03-14-2017

Christianity is growing rapidly and is even posing a threat to Islam’s dominance in Bangladesh. 
“In the last 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity. More than 20,000 have converted and this is becoming a real problem for the Muslims,” one ex-Muslim told Christian Freedom International. 
Many of these Muslim converts face immense persecution for leaving Islam. 
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Pastor Rafiqul Islam is one of the thousands of Christians who left behind their Muslim faith for Christ. He lost his family and his businesses soon after converting, and was nearly beaten to death in the street by leaders of his neighborhood mosque. 
Despite the immense persecution, he says he will not stop telling his neighbors about “eternal life in Jesus Christ.”
Even though Christians make up less than 1 percent of the population in Bangladesh, that number may soon be changing as tens-of-thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ every day. Pastor Rafiqul has seen hundreds of Muslims convert to Christianity with his own eyes. 
“Many Muslims are converting. Mostly in the rural areas.” he said. “More people are converting every day. Although persecuted, we are preaching the Good News.”
Many young Muslim converts take huge risks by becoming street preachers and face daily beatings. 
“The young like me, are converting,” said Babul, who converted as a teenager. “Many more are interested. Especially young people, they are interested in Christ. But they think about the cost of converting and it is high because they have to leave everything. But many are interested in Christ.”
Bangladesh’s believers say the country, which is is the forth largest Muslim country in the world, will soon become a Christian nation.
“The next generation is becoming Christian. We believe that Bangladesh will become a Christian nation one day. Islam has no mercy, no compassion, no love. It has nothing to offer. Christianity offers the assurance of eternal life, it offers hope,” one convert said. 
Meanwhile, missionaries, pastors, and evangelists are working hard to flood the country with the gospel and they won’t stop until their entire nation chooses Jesus. 

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