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The Children of Israel shall encamp, each man by his flag staff of his fathers’ house.

אִישׁ עַל דִּגְלוֹ בְאֹתֹת לְבֵית אֲבֹתָם יַחֲנוּ בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל

במדבר ב:א

eesh al dig-lo b’-o-tot l’-vayt a-vo-tam ya-kha-nu b’-nay yis-ra-ayl

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Today’s verse gives us a vision of the layout of Israel’s camp in the desert, along with a lesson for our lives. First, the Tabernacle was located in the center of the camp, serving as a reminder that God is our focal point. The remaining tribes, beginning with the Levites, surrounded the Tabernacle. Each tribe had its own flag, proudly bearing an insignia representative of the tribe’s unique character. This contains a lesson for our lives. God is our unifying central focus, even as we tap into our own personal strengths. Eventually the Tabernacle came to rest for 369 years in Shiloh, where it served as the spiritual center of life. Today, modern Shiloh is a blossoming community filled with archeological treasures, but with a serious threat. The people of Shiloh have withstood horrendous terror attacks. Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund heals the trauma of terrorism in the lives of innocent children who have lost loved ones or witnessed the horror of terrorism first-hand.

A Therapeutic Center in Biblical Shiloh

Check out the Therapeutic Center for Children at the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund– a one of a kind center to help the heal emotional and physical wounds of terror attacks.

Time for Christians to Help Rebuild Holy Land!

“God has given lovers of the Holy Land this moment in time to let their voice be heard and to strengthen the Land of Israel, especially Judea and Samaria, the Biblical heartland.”

What is the Connection Between the Messiah and a Shofar?

The Shofar is often compared to an alarm clock- a tool used to wake people up and shock them into correcting their ways and returning to God. Jewish tradition teaches that the Shofar will be blown in the End of Days with the arrival of the Messiah. One of the reasons for blowing the Shofar on Holy Days is to force us to look into ourselves, examine our deeds and contemplate how we can improve them to hasten the coming of the Messiah. Make sure that you too have a Shofar on hand to serve as your alarm clock and ensure that you too are ready for the Messiah’s arrival.

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Today’s Israel Photo

Daniel Santacruz’s beautiful photo of the flags of the 12 tribes of Israel in Tel Shiloh. Over 3,000 years ago, the Children of Israel gathered in Shiloh to divide by lot the Land into tribal portions.

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