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Thus saith Hashem of hosts: In those days it shall come to pass that ten men shall take hold out of all the languages of the nations shall even take hold of the corner of his garment that is a Jew saying: We will go with you for we have heard that God is with you.’

כֹּה אָמַר יְהוָה צְבָאוֹת בַּיָּמִים הָהֵמָּה אֲשֶׁר יַחֲזִיקוּ עֲשָׂרָה אֲנָשִׁים מִכֹּל לְשֹׁנוֹת הַגּוֹיִם וְהֶחֱזִיקוּ בִּכְנַף אִישׁ יְהוּדִי לֵאמֹר נֵלְכָה עִמָּכֶם כִּי שָׁמַעְנוּ אֱלֹהִים  עִמָּכֶם

זְכַרְיָה ח:כג

koh a-mar a-do-nay tz’va-ot ba-ya-meem ha-hay-mah a-sher ya-kha-zee-ku a-sa-rah a-na-sheem mi-kol lish-not ha-goy-yim v’-heh-khe-zi-ku bi-kh-naf eesh y’-hu-dee lay-mor nel-khah i-ma-khem kee sha-ma-nu e-lo-heem ee-ma-khem

Shabbat Inspiration

Did you know that the Prayer Shawl is made up of two components; the garment and the fringes (in Hebrew, tzitzit). The garment which surrounds the worshipper represents God who is constantly surrounding each and every one of us. The fringes hanging off of the garment are composed of a series of 613 knots. These fringes serve as a reminder of the 613 Biblical commandments. For these reasons, wearing a tallit is the ultimate way to heighten your prayer experience and connection to God. The Israel365 Store is proud to introduce our collection of Israeli-made prayer shawls so now you can connect to God in this special way each and every day.

Do You Know How to Wear a Tallit?

A tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl, is an integral part of the morning prayer service, and a commandment in the Bible. How do you do it? Find out right here, with Rabbi Steven Exler!

God’s Grace Descends Upon Southern Israel as Rain Revives Eilat Desert

The city of Eilat was hit by a sudden end-of-season storm, bringing massive amounts of rain and hail that shut down the airport and stranded travelers. This sudden drenching is a last minute blessing, helping the desert bloom.


New Star of David Designs

The Bible teaches us that God created the world in six days and that on the seventh day, He rested. The Star of David is composed of 6 small triangles which can all perfectly fold into the center hexagon. Jewish tradition teaches us that during the first 6 days of the week, we should remain focused on and preparing for the sanctity of the Sabbath. No matter what business we have on the other days of the week, we should always remember the holiness of Shabbat. Check out our Star of David Collection!

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Today’s Israel Photo

Yehoshua Halevi’s photo depicts the priestly blessings at the Western Wall. The kohanim (“priests”) are cloaked with a tallit (prayer shawl) as they bestow blessings, hidden from view and distractions at this holy moment.

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I Casimir Ozordum from Lagos Nigeria, I enjoying your Israel news, when I read your news it seems as if Iam in Israel land but Iam in Nigeria. So keep it up Hashem will reward you for your hard works. Iam praying that some day I will care for one program.
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