Israel Mourns Loss of Award-Winning War Photographer – CBN News Tzippe Barrow

Israel Mourns Loss of Award-Winning War Photographer

03-02-2017  CBN News Tzippe Barrow

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel lost one of its most beloved citizens, David Rubinger, who passed away Wednesday morning at his Jerusalem residence at the age of 92.
Born in 1924 in Vienna, Rubinger immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1939, just as the Nazi reign of terror was spreading across Europe.
His career as a photojournalist for TIME-LIFE magazine spanned nearly 50 years. He covered wars on the frontlines and at home photographed almost every Israeli prime minister, capturing them with their families and at work in the Knesset. He is the sole photographer to have his work on permanent display at the Knesset.
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