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And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

וְקִדַּשְׁתֶּם אֵת שְׁנַת הַחֲמִשִּׁים שָׁנָה וּקְרָאתֶם דְּרוֹר בָּאָרֶץ לְכָל יֹשְׁבֶיהָ יוֹבֵל הִוא תִּהְיֶה לָכֶם וְשַׁבְתֶּם אִישׁ אֶל אֲחֻזָּתוֹ וְאִישׁ אֶל מִשְׁפַּחְתּוֹ תָּשֻׁבוּ

ויקרא כה:י

v’-ki-dash-TEM et sh’-NAT ha-kha-mi-SHEEM shanah uk-ra-TEM d’-ROR ba-A-retz l’-KHOL yo-sh’-VE-ha yo-VAYL hee tih-YEH la-KHEM v’-shav-TEM eesh el a-khu-za-TO v’-EESH el mish-pakh-TO ta-SHU-vu

Today’s Israel Inspiration

We learn in today’s verse of the significance of the jubilee (50th) year. Every seven cycles of seven years, God commanded that on the 50th year, the Land of Israel, the Jewish people and all the farming animals be allowed to rest from their work and take the time to rejoice over Hashem and the Torah. This year, we are celebrating a very special anniversary in the history of Jerusalem: 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria after the IDF reconquered the Land in 1967. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Israel365 and HaYovel invite you for a 2 week experience to celebrate the miraculous liberation of Israel’s heartland. This unique and very affordable educational journey will introduce you to the Land and the People of Israel on the once in a lifetime occasion of Jerusalem’s Jubilee.

Will You “Take Up the Call”?

Be inspired by the stories of men who have stood on the mountains of Israel, through the warm summer months and the harsh winters. Won’t you join us in restoring the Land of Israel?

Tour the Holy of Holies Today on Google Maps!

Thanks to the efforts of a young Israeli, touring Solomon’s Temple is now as easy as typing “Temple Mount” into the Google Maps website.

Purim: For Such A Time as This

In the story of Purim, God selected Esther to be placed in the royal Palace to be able to play an integral role in saving the Jewish nation from the evil decree of Haman. All that Esther had endured in her life, was in order to bring her to the specific point in time in which she would fulfil her destiny of becoming a Jewish heroine. So too, Nations around the world are now beginning to pay attention to thier role in history and specifically to thier relationship with Israel. Now is the time to read the scroll of Esther and learn how you can make the most of such a time as this.

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Today’s Israel Photo

The staff and volunteers at HaYovel in Har Bracha (Mount of Blessings) just outside of Jerusalem spend endless hours toiling the soil of the Holy Land in order to restore the beauty of Israel and fulfill Biblical prophecy.

We apologize for the error in the translation for yesterday’s verse. It should have read “And the chiefs of Yehudah shall say in their heart: ‘The inhabitants of Yerushalayim are my strength through Hashem of hosts their God.’”
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“Precious Word of God”

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My heart has always been in Israel but my mind has not caught up to my heart, dreamed of coming to the city of Jerusalem but have never been able to get there for financial reasons. I have had my eyes opened by the things I have learned from the Jewish perspective of the Word of God which man has turned upside down in the USA.  Taking God out of everything only increases hate and envy,strife, killings, and the like.  But my eyes are not on the things of this world but the glory of the New World to come. Thank you so much for your enlightenment of the precious word of God. Please keep sending me your opening of the Word up. May God Bless Israel. -Sincerely Gary Gamble Big Spring, Texas

Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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