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Political Dirt Is Often Dirtier Than Earthly Rubbish

Wednesday, March 01, 2017 |  Israel Today Staff
What is clearly written in the Bible is either ignored or expressly denied in modern politics. The decision, which was rejected by UNESCO in October, which denies any historical connection to Jerusalem by the people of Israel, and thus relents to Palestinian pressure, confirms the current trend. The resolution passed by the UNSC is absolute madness. There is unquestionable historical and archeological evidence that Jerusalem was the site of the First and Second Jewish Temples.
Towards the end of the 1990s, as the Muslims built a third shrine on the Temple Mount at the site of Solomon’s Stables, they dumped 400 truckloads of debris on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
Archaeologists Prof. Gabriel Barkai and Tzachi Davira have since then, with the help of volunteers, rescued the dumped rubble and have been meticulously sifting through the rubble. Since the beginning of the project, thousands of coins, seals, potsherds and mosaic tiles from the time of the First and Second Temples have been found.
The archaeologists complain that the Israeli governments have not done anything to preserve the Jewish temple site. “How many times have we asked the governments for financial help and not got a cent over the years,” both experts said.
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