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Thy shoots are a park of pomegranates, with precious fruits; henna with spikenard plants,

שְׁלָחַיִךְ פַּרְדֵּס רִמּוֹנִים עִם פְּרִי מְגָדִים כְּפָרִים עִם נְרָדִים

שיר השירים ד:יג

sh’-la-KHA-yikh par-DAYS ri-mo-NEEM im p’-REE m’-ga-DEEM k’-fa-REEM im

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The pomegranate has always been a symbol of beauty; its unique shape is a favorite design element, appearing on the priestly garments and on the pillars at the entrance to the Temple in Jerusalem, as well as featuring in many forms of artwork to this day. The special fruit is one of the seven agricultural species indigenous to the Land of Israel (as seen in Deuteronomy 8:8). Help Israel365 perpetuate the beauty of the Holy Land’s fruits by planting trees and vineyards across the hills of Judea and Samaria. Now when you donate a garden, you will receive a beautiful printed certificate to present to friends and family that you were a part of prophetic fulfillment.

Rabbi Tuly and His Family Plant Trees in the Land of Israel for Tu B’Shvat

On Friday, February 10, Rabbi Tuly and his whole family went to the grounds of Eshtaol (between Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem), to restore the forest that was burned in the arson attacks that plagued the Land of Israel in November 2016.

Is Genetic Engineering Recreating the Sin of Noah’s Generation?

New technology enabling scientists to manipulate genes, mixing human genes and organs with those of animals, is a disturbing trend in science which one rabbi believes mirrors the sin that led to global destruction in the generation of Noah.

What Is a Mezuzah

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Today’s Israel Photo

Today’s photo by Yehoshua Halevi taken amid the community of Bat Ayin which lies in the hills of Judea, shows a stunning orchard, planted and cultivated by the residents of the community all of whom came to fulfill the Biblical commandment to beautify the Land of Israel.

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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