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A Muslim New York City high school student holds a sign during a demonstration by students against U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in lower Manhattan. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

Shocking New Poll Shows Majority of Democrats Think Christianity Is as Violent as Islam

Though reports flow out of Egypt, Pakistan and beyond of Muslim attacks against Christians, the majority of Democrats see no difference in the violence level between the two.
According to a CBS Poll, 66 percent of Democrats see Christianity as just as violence as Islam. The same poll indicates 14 percent see Islam as more violent. Among Republicans, 63 see Islam as more violent, while 25 percent see it as equally violent as following Christ.
The poll followed President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily blocking immigration from Ir­an, Ir­aq, Libya, Somalia, Su­dan, Syr­ia and Ye­men. 
But recently, violence has broken out among Muslim-majority nations, even among themselves.
In 2012, there were six civil wars worldwide. All took place within Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Of the nine rebel groups in these conflicts, seven had an Islamist ideology, The Washington Post reports.
While some Muslim-majority are at war within themselves, many actively persecute Christians.
In Egypt, multiple murders have been linked by one common factor: The victims were all Christians. In Pakistan, Christians stand trial for allegedly blaspheming Allah.
Yet the left holds the ideal that Islam is a religion of peace. 
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