Trump’s Entry Ban Excludes Israelis; Netanyahu Talks Tough on Iran, Ready for Trump – UNITED WITH ISRAEL

United with Israel The 5 Biggest Threats to Israel’s Borders; Israel Calms Tensions with Mexico; UN Resolution would Shut Jerusalem Synagogues 
US Clarifies: Trump’s Entry Ban Excludes Israelis Born in 7 Muslim Countries
WATCH: Netanyahu Talks Tough on Iran, Ready for Big Meeting with Trump
Saudis Condemn Israel for ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem
Israel’s President Calms Tensions with Mexico 
WATCH: US Attends Emergency UN Meeting Over Iran’s Missile Tests 
Jerusalem Schools, Synagogues Will be Shut if UN Resolution Implemented 
The 5 Biggest Threats to Israel’s Borders 
Israel Demands Action Against Iran Over Illicit Missile Test 
WATCH: Israel’s Miraculous Ultrasound Brain Treatment Cures 50 Patients! 
Netanyahu to Address Cybersecurity Cooperation at Meeting with Trump 
Israel Celebrates 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations with India 
Temple U Students Pay Tribute to Arch Terrorist and PFLP Founder 
Canadian School Forced to Retract Anti-Israel Acceptance Policy 
WATCH: Nature and Wildlife in the Land of Israel 
Israelis Seek to Comfort Lonely Holocaust Survivors 
Israeli Researcher Can Identify A Smartphone Thief in 14 Seconds 

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841



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