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Kathie Walters: Gabriel and the Many Angels Standing in Washington DC: “Tell Everyone to Keep Praying!”

The Elijah List Feb 1, 2017
Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
Kathie Walters is a dear friend and for the nearly 20 years I’ve known her, she has always been able to “see in the spirit realm.”
Kathie and I were each at the Inauguration though we were not together in the same location.
Many of you are about to be SUPER ENCOURAGED about the angels, by the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS, who attended the Inauguration and who celebrated along with most Believers as Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence were sworn in.
Washington DC is a different place now, but of course, it is not without warfare in the heavens. President Trump and Vice-President Pence both need our constant prayers. Our prayers got them elected and our prayers MUST sustain them.
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The Angels, the Inauguration and America
Along with thousands of other God-loving Christians, I was praying and fasting for America during the elections. Like many others who saw things happening in the spirit realm, I was so happy to see Donald Trump get elected as President of the USA. I waited with great anticipation for the Inauguration like everyone else, yet I really had no thought of going myself. I don’t like crowds, and the thought of trying to walk for miles and getting on trains was overwhelming to me. But a friend of mine really wanted to go and had bought us tickets, so we went and we drove to Washington DC from Georgia.
I had seen many angels already concerning this election and this administration, as many other people had also. On the 19th January when we were safely in the hotel, I was still thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t go out and actually leave the hotel, walk to stations, get on the subway, and then walk more, and whatever else we had to do in order to go to the Inaugural prayer breakfast.
I had seen many demonic spirits leave Washington DC as so many people were praying not only all over this country but actually all over the world. Many thousands of Christians had been in the streets of DC in the previous weeks, declaring and praying away all the dark things.
The night of the 19th, the day before for the Inauguration, we were in our hotel relaxing. I suddenly was lifted up in the spirit, and I was over the whole area over the Capitol where the swearing in was to take place. I saw a high wall and it looked like it was made of glass, as I could see through it. On the wall were tall angels standing shoulder to shoulder—all around the area like a guard. Well they were a guard. Nothing could come through the wall, spiritually or naturally.
Then I saw President Donald Trump speaking and making his pledge to God and the constitution and the American people with his hand on the two Bibles Melania was holding up for him. I then saw Vice-President Mike Pence take his oath.
The crowd started cheering and getting very excited and the angels jumped off the wall and started mingling with the crowd. They were also excited…but my thought was, “Oh no, they should stay on the wall.” But when I looked around there were other angels now on the wall, standing shoulder to shoulder, just as the others had done. These angels were shorter, had dark hair and looked Italian to me. (I haven’t figured out yet why God sent Italian angels to Washington DC.)
Gabriel – the Good News Angel
Then there came from behind a tall angelic figure. He was behind Vice-President Mike Pence at first. I wondered, “Who is that angel? He is very bright and tall.” The Lord said to me, “That is the angel Gabriel. He is appointed to America at this time. He will not need Michael this time because he has you” (you meaning the Church). The Church has learned a lot now about intercession, prophesying, decreeing and cooperating with the angels in the spirit realm.
If you remember, Gabriel came to Daniel when he called out to God about his visions, which were pretty overwhelming. Gabriel helped Daniel with the interpretation to his visions. In Daniel chapter 9, Gabriel was a good news messenger, and in chapter 10 the archangel Michael came to help. Michael had power to fight against the prince of Persia and other demonic princes. Gabriel also told Daniel not to be afraid, that he was precious to God, and to have peace and be strong. (Photo of “Gabriel” by Marybeth Stafford “Fear Not” via elijahshopper.com)
When Gabriel came to Zechariah in Luke chapter one, it was to announce good news—that his wife Elizabeth would have a son named John. Then he announced to Mary the birth of Jesus—he brought good news.
Then the angel said, “I am Gabriel! I stand in the very presence of God. It was He who sent me to bring you this good news!” Luke 1:19
The name Gabriel means “God’s hero.” He is God’s special messenger. Well good news—he has been sent to bring good news to America.
I wondered if anyone else had seen Gabriel, apart from me?
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Testimonies from Others Who Saw Angels in Washington DC
Then I realized there were many people who saw angels in Washington DC on the 20th January. Here are a few snippets from readers:
• Sonja wrote to me, “I saw Jesus place His hands on President Trump in the hallway while he (Mr. Trump) was waiting to take the oath! At that moment I felt the heaviness lift from Washington. I saw Gabriel walk in with Mike Pence. Yesterday I saw angels dancing in the sky, so beautiful!”
• John writes, “I saw hundreds of angels gathered around the podium all over the big crowds at Capitol Hill. I saw them on the wall—I saw some dancing and clapping. Then I saw a tall angel come behind Trump, and Pence got Gabriel, the good news angel, who also interprets dreams and visions. Then I heard a sound like a flock of geese, but I don’t think there were really geese. Geese represent ‘watchmen.’ Bob Jones used to say, ‘They honk in the heavens when they see the enemy.'” 
• Christina and Jeff write: “When we came into DC we drove past the Trump Hotel and instantly I saw and felt the angelic presence all around. They were as tall as the hotel, angels side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, with their swords in front of them and their hands resting on the handles of the swords. They were completely surrounding the hotel and streets that are connected. These are angels of protection.
“On Friday we were in the breakfast banquet room at the Trump Hotel. When President Trump took the oath of office at noon at the Capitol, the anointing fell so strong in the banquet room that we had to hold onto our chairs. One of our friends said that she could hear ‘demons screaming on the way out.’
“On Sunday when we were in our truck, leaving our hotel, the women’s marchers had started coming down the road we had to cross. There was so much anger and hate in the marchers walking to Pennsylvania Ave. They were blocking the road we had to cross, and they were not letting any vehicles cross. My angel wrapped her wings around our truck; her wings were gold with iridescent sparkles. I felt the angel’s presence and instantly the marchers stopped and we crossed over and Jeff said, ‘Thank you,’ as we drove by and the marchers had a look of, ‘What just happened?'”
• Jan writes, “I had just a brief brush with the angels in DC. There were five of us praying in Lafayette Park in front of the White House. As I would pray or petition, I didn’t feel anything. I was just aware of the excitement of the day and God’s peace. When I began to worship, I felt angels brushing up beside me and behind me. It’s as though they were saying, ‘That’s right! Worship Him!'” (Photo by Jennifer Page “Brush of Angels Wings” via elijahshopper.com)
“I shared with Apostle Ken Malone who was with us and he said, ‘Yes the angels are here with us.'”

• Kay writes, “I was there seated in the central front lawn. We experienced what Heaven is when people dwell together in unity as the glory cloud settled for several blocks. I was aware that these angels had sensors to distribute the oil of the Spirit that was being poured out. Others were waring angels with swords to protect what was going on.”

• Deborah writes: “When Mike Pence was taking his oath, the moment he ‘stepped up’ a holy hush fell and tears began to fall down my cheeks. The whole area around him became the purest heavenly white I have only seen a few times before. There were angels all around him and his wife, but there was one particular angel behind him. I knew he was an angel of high rank and carried healing of our nation in his hands (Kathie Walters believes that this was Gabriel, the angel she saw with Mike Pence and Donald Trump).
“This angel carried healing for the Bride of Yeshua, and Raphael was sent to keep all things on target, to keep the door closed from sin, and to continue the awakening of Yah’s people. Some are still asleep yet they will arise. I was told by Abba to keep Mike Pence in prayer on November 8th. The Lord said, ‘He will help advance My Kingdom. He is one of My generals. He will discover this soon.’ (Photo by Robert Bartow “Wings” via elijahshopper.com)
“On January 20th, I saw the hand of Jesus upon his life for our behalf. Healing is here. Many angels were there on that stage holding back the darkness. The light was so bright at times I could feel the heaviness of Father’s glory. And this is only the beginning! Keep praying for President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence and their families.” –end of testimonies
Gabriel Said, “Tell Everyone to Keep Praying”
Well, there are hundreds and hundreds of testimonies, and I think everyone who went had awesome experiences of God in one way or another. One thing the angel Gabriel said to me was, “Tell everyone to keep praying.”
The supernatural realm is becoming more and more manifested in our everyday lives. Keep praying America, and be excited and joyful. Declare and decree, “He gave us power over all the power of the enemy.”
Remember that all of the heavenly realm is for every Believer. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)
Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

Email: kathiewalters@mindspring.com
Website: www.kathiewaltersministry.com
Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to “qualify.” She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.
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