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Cindy Jacobs

Prophetic Word: Expect Great Shakings and Breakthrough in 2017

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The greatest harvest of souls the earth has known is upon us. Hundreds of thousands will be saved. The Middle East will experience a revival and this will extend into the evangelization of both the Arab and the non-Arabic-speaking Muslims. Look to Egypt to be a leader in this revival and awakening.
The glory of God is going to be poured out across the United States, and these areas were specifically given as revival centers:
Los Angeles, California; Silicon Valley, Redding, California; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Phoenix, Arizona; a new spring coming out of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Oklahoma; Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Madison, Wisconsin; Indianapolis, Indiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Orlando, Florida; Fort Mill, South Carolina; Virginia; Annapolis, Maryland; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; as well as other cities and regions.
The inner cities of America and the areas in which Satan has built is greatest strongholds will begin to rebuild, and the revivals in such cities as Detroit and Chicago will astound the news! God says, “I will not forget the inner cities!”
This harvest time will result in the salvation of high-profile leaders both in the media, government, and education spheres of society. They will be vocal and unashamed. Their bold presence on social media will cause a huge stir in the news services. God is going to shake pop culture! He is going to use it for His glory. 
Look to the reserves and reservations and tribal lands of the nations of the earth. The indigenous peoples of the earth are about to be touched by God’s power. Where they were oppressed through colonization, they are going to experience great healing and receive the power and grace to forgive the terrible atrocities committed against them. As a result, they will be used to touch many nations with the truth of God’s saving power.
The historic wells of revival are going to flow again as bold evangelism takes place on the streets and on the campuses of schools where progressivism and Marxism have taken root. Latin America will be a leader in this move of God.
A New Renaissance
New songs and new sounds will flow from emerging worship leaders. The Tabernacle of David will see the release of many, many new psalmists who will sing the song of the nations. A new, even more passionate generation of abandoned worshipers is emerging.
Songs will be written that influence not only the church but also society at large. These songs will disciple nations in the way that the Beatles and the Summer of Love released a “free love sexual revolution” in a negative way as well as rebellion and sin. We will be singing the sounds of awakening in society. The bells of true liberty will ring in song once again.
Andrew Fletcher, a politician from Scotland, said, “Let me sing the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” In other words, the power of the voice singing creates movements for societal change.
Power worshipers will arise as a new generation moves into cities and regions and breaks open the heavens in a massive way. Through praise and worship, they will “pierce the darkness” created by principalities and powers over regions. These worshipers will become “sent ones” who will go into unreached parts of cities and nations to prepare the way for the evangelists who will come after them.
This worship movement will see an even greater rebuilding of the tabernacle of David, with many more 24/7 Houses of Prayer being established. They will have an understanding of the connection that God has given between the Church and Israel, and many will call this new move a “Davidic Messianic” movement of believers.
A Movement of Reformers
2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Many, many people will talk about the need for societal reformation and desire to be reformers. Young people will band together to form movements that display a passion to go into each area of their culture and see reformation.
This will set the stage for the greatest outpouring of the Spirit and awakening the world has even known. Nations that were never impacted by the reformation will begin to experience one now. This will happen in all the continents. “Africa, Africa, Africa, you are moving into your greatest hour,” says the Lord.
Germany and France will be deeply impacted by this move of God. The Calvins and the Luthers are arising. Books will be written and the history of past moves of God will be studied. It will also go into the Catholic churches, the Coptics from Egypt, the Orthodox churches in Russian and Eastern Asia. It will affect both the Eastern and Western Orthodox churches. While many of the older leaders in these denominations and church movements will rejoice, some will rise up and persecute this new movement of God.
Social media will be the Gutenberg press in this reformation. The news will be amazed as very liberal owners of social media begin to announce that they are now believers. This will impact the Silicon Valley community in California in a big way. The Holy Spirit is calling for massive intercession for influencers in these sectors of society.
The youth who have seemingly crashed in the past season into being part of the “hard left” with liberal, humanistic agendas will suffer great disillusionment. But if the church will reach out to them in this time of lost dreams, they will be saved and become part of the most powerful move of evangelism and discipling that their nations have ever known.
The Effects of the United States’ Election
Several of our prophets received words that Donald Trump would become the next president and will become a 21st-century Cyrus. He is called to break the mold of political correctness. We received the word that if we pray for him, he will heal, rather than divide, the nation.
Intercession must be made, or this will not happen in the way God intends. Racial division must be healed and the people of all ethnicities must come together as part of this John 17 movement. This cannot be a “whites only” movement, but the church must work to fight for unity and be a massive voice against racism that still exists in the nation.
There will be many civil rights reformers who will not embrace this need of healing of the nation. We received a serious admonition that the church must pray to see the nation healed or the breaches will only grow.
Native Americans will be part of this civil reformation and antiquated laws, and even the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be reformed.
There is coming such scientific proof concerning the science of the pre-born child that this will result in reformations in the medical field’s stance and thinking as a whole. The pre-born child will be declared a human being. Some that have held this stance all along will break their silence and become strong advocates for the pre-born.
We prophesied a conservative revolt, and now we prophesy a “social media revolt” in which many use this form of communication, and it will result in the crippling networks and newspapers that persecute the truth of God. God is about to arise in a way to release the anointing of truth. There are media revolutionaries who will change the way everything is being done concerning communications. This will result in financial shakings will cause long-standing news media to begin to lose millions of dollars, even causing some to go under. This will be a shock to many who relied upon them to be their voice.
As a backlash against this conservative social media revolt, the liberal press will even accuse God’s people of lying, giving the biblical analogy of the sons of Belial who lied in court to get Naboth’s vineyard. However, accusations of the liberal press will not prevail. Intercession must be done for the church to be protected.
Corruption will be exposed in the media as well, and the disillusionment will deepen in people in general with traditional media sources. Out of this season, new, anointed news anchors will come to the forefront who will be unashamedly Believers and they will experience great favor.
Washington, D.C., will be “ground zero” for the exposure of corruption. Some who are exposed will shock the nation as God continues to move to cleanse both political parties. Corrupt judges will also be exposed in the circuit courts. We were told to use Ezekiel 22 as a model to decree against corruption.
The whistle blowers will come out in droves. Aides and interns will speak and tell what they have both seen and heard.
Collusion between the Federal Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical companies will be exposed in surprising ways.
The lobbyists are going to be removed from their places of influence in a significant way, and the influence of corporate giants over Congress will also be reformed.
Term limits will be put in place for Congress in the future. Reformation is coming to every aspect of society.
Major trade deals are going to be rewritten, and old enemies will become trading partners. God is aligning the nations for His purposes. The global elite will find that they are not able to move freely as they did on the international scene. Corruption and collusion will be exposed and many will be shocked.
A new season of mercy has been given, even though for some it does not appear to be so at this moment of time. God wants to reboot the nation and get it back on track.
The Lord wants to release both protection for the nation as well as wisdom for compassionate immigration reform while dealing with the criminal influence. This needs serious prayer. The body of Christ is forerunning racial reconciliation, and this will display a unity and synergy that the world is looking for.
A call for continued concerted prayer to continue to bring both peace, protection and stability to the nation went out. God wants to give a path to establish what could be called “thrones of glory” all the way through the year 2020. If the intercessors continue to pray for 2020 vision, God will release His glory on a scale none of us can imagine.
The Economy
The U.S. will be the safe refuge for investment around the globe. Family economies will be blessed if they seek the Lord on how to get out of debt and save so they can invest in new financial opportunities that will arise.
Significant investments in new innovations and inventions; some even given through dreams, will be released. The Midwest and what has been known as the rust belt of the United States will begin to blossom. New investments in inner cities will open up as they are set free from historic violence and drug abuse.
The churches of the nation will begin to rise up and systematically work to eliminate poverty. This will impact the inner cities greatly as they will be considered both a mission field and a treasure field. The people of the inner cities are treasures to God.
Economic Shakings Are Coming to Europe
Italy, Spain, and Portugal will be tested: God’s people will be taken care of in the midst of the crisis. Alignments with Israel are critical in this season.
North America and Alaska: The wealth of North America will be unlocked and resources will be opened. There will be a new gas pipeline in Alaska. It will be in the news as “hidden riches” of gold and rare minerals are found.
The U.S. Military—Terrorism and ISIS:There will be a rebuilding of the United States’ military. Religious freedom will be restored, and the chaplains will once again be able to freely preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit pointed out the necessity of this happening in order to see God’s favor poured out on the military.
Reformers are going to be put in place in the military. The power of God is going to visit entire military bases around the world.
New strategies to defeat ISIS will be given by new leadership put in place and fear will fall upon those who are “rogue” terrorists. The mainstream media and social media voices who are favorable to allowing refugees with terrorist backgrounds are going to suffer major blows.
Those nations who are promoting and hiding terrorists will be ostracized both politically and economically. Rogue nations such as North Korea are going to be put in check.

New Alliances Between Nations

There will be a tightened alliance between the U.S. and the UK. Trade agreements will be made between these two nations that will shift the balance of trade.
God is dealing internally with the Parliament of the UK and strong voices will arise to speak out for alliances with Israel. Brexit and Amerix! The exiting from one wineskin to another. (Note: This by no means that God is not moving within the people of the EU.)
United Nations
The extreme political and social agenda behind the U.N. is going to become apparent to people of many nations. Righteous nations will stand up to their plans for social engineering through International Planned Parenthood and eugenics. Reformers will arise from the midst with godly philosophies who will be strong voices for a realignment away from this perverted agenda to one that gives compassion aid without “strings” attached to unrighteous organizations. Ambassadors who are evangelists will rise up, unashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Funding will be withheld as righteous nations in the U.N. demand they stop supporting radicalized social agendas that promote homosexuality as a life-style and the abortion of babies.
Signs and wonders will break out in many places. Nazareth and Haifa will see the power of God in great demonstration. The Russian Jews are going to experience a harvest of souls in a large way and become powerful evangelists to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.
The nations who align against Israel will find themselves becoming more economically challenged in the coming days. Nations will withdraw their funding from the U.N. initiatives and countries that persecute Israel.
Israel will become a flash point among the nations. There is a confusion of the nations that will take place and an accelerated polarization of light and darkness.
This will start a process where the Temple Mount will once again be brought up as a central issue among the nations.
More shakings will take place in the nation but God will release a youth movement between the Jews and Arabs that will become voices of unity in the land.
More corruption will be exposed and the shake-up of the government will continue all the way from the national to the local levels. There will be new government leaders run for office from the church, and whereas they were not successful in the past, some will see a breakthrough when they run again.
There is a growing underground movement that is strong although not yet seen. There will be much trouble brewing from Iran in this season; however, God wants to encourage the church that He is hearing their prayers and has a plan to liberate His people from radical ideologies.
Revival fires are burning. The move of God has started and will not be quenched. It is time for the prayers of the generations must be answered. The John 17 movement from France will affect the other nations in Europe.
The prophets are going to rise up from France and speak very accurately.
Vietnam is preparing to be the “Star of Asia” as far as the numbers of people being saved. This will even have a great impact on the Communist government. Hanoi will become a beacon of light to the nations.
There will be some continued shakings. However, look to Inner Mongolia for the greatest moves of God yet.
Australia is a reformer nation and will produce great shifts as well as some clashes on a governmental level. However, the Daniels and Josephs are arising in this land.
Egypt and the Middle East
There is a massive awakening coming to the Egypt as well as the whole Middle East. It is the time for Isaiah 19 to be fulfilled. Reformers will arise in these nations as well. The blood of the martyrs is crying out from the ground where ISIS has beheaded so many believers in Jesus Christ. Their sacrifice is going to result in many Sauls who have become radicalized becoming Pauls.
We see in part and know in part. We are to test all things and hold fast to that which is good. Some words have immediate fulfillment and impact. Other words have conditions that must be met in order for them to be fulfilled. But this is a year of the breakthrough. This is a historical time when another Great Reformation shall take place!  
Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker, and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike—her husband of 41 years—co-founded Generals International in 1985. She is a respected prophet who travels the world, ministering not only to crowds of people but to heads of nations. Her first calling is and always will be prophetic intercession. She travels each year, and she has spoken on nearly every inhabited continent to tens of thousands.
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