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Participants in the 2017 March for Life. (march for Life/Instagram)

Thousands March Against the ‘Gate of Hell in America’

Prophet Rick Joyner once called abortion the “gate of hell in America.” 
Today, thousands flooded Washington, D.C. to stand up for life, to lift their voices for those who could not. 
In 1974, thousands of pro-lifers filled the streets of our nation’s capital to stand against Roe v. Wade. Sadly, 44 years later, the decision remains intact, but the pro-life movement will not relent. 
Life is a fundamental right, and abortion impends that right. Here’s what today’s Christian leaders are saying about the travesty of abortion and the March for Life: 
James Dobson, founder and president of Family Talk
“I want to encourage every American who cares for the lives of the unborn to join the March for Life (today) in Washington D.C. and in cities in every state across our nation. Perhaps at no other time since the disastrous 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling has it been more important for pro-life Americans to rally together and send a resounding statement of what the majority of America believes: that life is a sacred gift from God, and no man or woman should have the right to end it. Pro-choice demonstrations might have made headlines last week, but the voices of those who believe in the sanctity of life will tell the real story of what our country stands for.

“Since the inauguration of our new administration, I have felt a renewed hope for the cause of the unborn in America. We now have a president who has not only stated, but also proven with his actions, his sincere desire to protect and fight for those that truly have no voice. I’m also thankful for Vice President Mike Pence, whose outspoken commitment to life has been a hallmark of his entire career. I truly believe this is the dawn of a new day for America, and that not too long from now, we won’t be marching against the atrocity of abortion but as a celebration of life. But for now, let us keep fighting for every single baby in America. Let us March for Life.”
Lacey Buchanan, author Through the Eyes of Hope
“The March for Life is such an important part of standing against abortion and proclaiming life. This pro-life generation must stand together and unite behind the truth that abortion is abhorrent and intolerable. May we one day soon live in a world where murdering the most innocent and vulnerable among us becomes unthinkable. Thank you to everyone who is participating in the marches and making your voices heard!” 
Larry Tomczak, cultural commentator
“Living in the DC area for 24 years, our family of six tried to attend the March for Life almost every year no matter how freezing cold or how soaking we’d get. What an honor to stand up for the unborn, whose lives are threatened daily. Be there on Friday if you are anywhere in that region. And pray for safety!” 
Joni Eareckson Tada, founder and CEO, Joni and Friends International Disability Center
“March for Life is keeping pro-life values front and center in the national debate.  Our society, so fixated on death, can look at the masses marching and be forced to think, Untold numbers of Americans really are against abortion and doctor-assisted death! Unlike pro-choice advocates who make the exercise of rights a national competition between ‘who’s more victimized than whom,’ the pro-life movement encourages the good of the entire community and strengthens the caring character of our country. This is especially important as we see how pro-life values promote respect and human dignity for not only the unborn, but newborns who are medically fragile, the disabled and the elderly.” 
Autumn Miles, author of Appointed, founder and CEO of The Blush Network and host of The Autumn Miles Show in Dallas
“Our Creator God says life begins at the moment of conception in His Word. We, as followers of Christ, have the responsibility to uphold this truth unashamedly and boldly. The unborn is not an inconvenience, but a life with unrealized potential. We must be a voice for the unborn who cannot speak. If we don’t speak for them, who will?”  
Heather Avis, author of The Lucky Few, founder of @macymakesmyday Instagram account
“As we link arms and March for Life, may we remember that life is so much more than an unborn child. Life is the mother who has a choice to make. Life is the refugee on the other side of the globe, looking for a place to call home. Life is the broken and hurting child being tossed from home to home in the foster care system. Life is not something that should be withheld because of race, gender or ability, but life is for all. So we march for all.” 
Shane Idleman, pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship
“This … was extremely difficult for me to write—I shed many tears, contemplated deleting it and prayed diligently for direction. But I cannot, and will not, remain silent. There is a reason why ‘mother,’ ‘baby,’ and ‘abort’ have been changed to ‘a woman’s right to choose’; it’s a marketing ploy designed to hide a brutal practice. The graphic description of an abortion is heart-wrenching, soul-searching and would require a warning for the graphic content if I included it. Life is precious. We must fight for it: ‘From the formation of a child’s first tiny cell to life’s final breath, all life has dignity and value because each and every one of us is made in the image of God’ (Focus on the Family).” Click here to watch his story.  
Nicole Weider, former Maxim, Victoria’s Secret model, founder of Project Inspire
“All babies deserve their God-given right to survive. Their life is made in the likeness of God, he created their tiny limbs and fluttering heartbeat—and it is horrific the way Planned Parenthood churns out the abortions like clockwork. We need to pray for these precious unborn souls, who possibly won’t have the chance to live.” 
Landon Schott, founder of REV Ministries
“There is no greater value to God than life. There is no greater grievance of sin than the murder of the unborn (Prov. 6:16). Everything else is secondary to this. America has been responsible for over 60 million abortions. This blood is on our nation’s hands, and we will be judged for it. What can cover such sin? So much innocent blood shed. Only the blood of Jesus can wash away this sin. This can only be found at the mercy seat of Christ. I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my spirit and say, ‘We are in a season of mercy in America!’ I want to encourage you to march for life, march toward the mercy seat of Christ over America!”

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