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The horse is prepared against the day of battle;
but victory is of Hashem.

סוּס מוּכָן לְיוֹם מִלְחָמָה וְלַיהוָה הַתְּשׁוּעָה

משלי כא:לא

sus mu-KHAN l’-YOM mil-kha-MAH v’-la-do-NAI ha-t’-shu-AH

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Throughout the Bible, horses are mentioned as an animal of war. Here, King Solomon is emphasizing an important lesson that is no less true today than when he said it centuries ago: man prepares as much as possible, but ultimately, all victory and success comes only from God. However, we must ensure that we put in our own efforts to earn God’s mercy and love. Each and every day, our IDF soldiers train harder and more vigorously to defend the land and protect her people. With our valiant warriors ensuring protection from ‘below’, God delivers His shield, providing protection from ‘above’.

Tips for Success from IDF Combat Medics

Witness as our medics succeed at saving lives each and every day, on the battlefield and in citizen life.

The All-Inclusive IDF: A Soldier With Cerebral Palsy Dons His Very Own Uniform

Omer Lahat, who has cerebral palsy, recently joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), becoming the latest example of the Israeli military’s prioritization of the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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Today’s Israel Photo

As temperatures drop in the north, our Golani Brigade have a unique way to keep themselves warm: by remembering their Divine source of protection comes from heaven.

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I absolutely love this!!  I love Israel, I love the picture and bible verse, and I love how I can  now attempt to speak Hebrew every day with the pronunciation guide.   May G_D bless you!!!  I am praying about the meeting in Paris tomorrow. Nations that go against Israel will not be blessed.  I was looking for a list of the nations participating and  I have not found one.  Do you know which nations are participating?  I pray for peace in Jerusalem!! Thank you with my whole heart, Lynn

Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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