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Paris Answer to Prayer

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 |  Charles Gardner  ISRAEL TODAY
Britain’s change of heart over their Israel policy is a welcome answer to prayer, and goes some way to make amends for their shameful betrayal when voting for the recent UN resolution aimed at delegitimizing the Jewish state.
But their refusal to sign the Paris ‘peace conference’ communiqué is nevertheless a contradiction, reflecting the moral confusion of a government no longer recognizing right from wrong.
“There are risks,” the UK government warned, “that this conference hardens positions at a time when we need to be encouraging the conditions for peace.”[1]
Thankfully, the Paris meeting merely re-stated the oft-repeated position of most nations, calling on Israel and the Palestinians to renew their commitment to a ‘two-state solution’, whereas it was expected to try to impose a settlement on the protagonists despite their absence from the proceedings, derided by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu as “futile” and described by Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel Nahshon as “flat as a failed soufflé”.[2]
Indeed, hard-earned taxpayers’ money will have funded a luxury weekend jaunt for diplomats from the 70 participating countries just to read a script.
A hundred years ago, when Britain pledged their support for Jewish repatriation in their ancient homeland through the Balfour Declaration, many of the Cabinet looked to the Bible for guidance. They were, after all, evangelical Christians.
Now most of our politicians choose instead to consult the Politically-Correct Dictionary. On this occasion, however, they have changed their tune which many believers put down to divine intervention in the form of answered prayer.
Tragically, the same government we expect to honour Israel (for biblical reasons as much as anything else) and do right by other nations passes laws approving wholly inappropriate behaviour between members of the same sex and then disapproves of those, like Christians, who refuse to hold that view because it is plainly wrong and against the teachings of the Bible.
Dame Louise Casey, for example, in addressing a parliamentary committee on the findings of the Trojan Horse scandal (exposing radicalization within certain Muslim schools), suggested that Christian schools may also be targeted for their teaching of biblical views on sexuality.
She said the issues raised by Trojan Horse were “not okay, in the same way that it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage.”[3]
Equally absurd at a time when the National Health Service has been in the headlines for being in a state of virtual collapse amid huge demands in the face of lack of staff, facilities and finance, we hear of a completely unnecessary operation they are funding at a cost of around £29,000.
A 20-year-old woman who has been living as a man has become the UK’s first ‘transgender’ individual to become pregnant. She has been taking male hormones, but decided to postpone surgery to have her breasts and ovaries removed so that she could give birth, and duly became pregnant after finding a sperm donor through a Facebook group.[4]
What incredibly warped, upside-down, thinking drives our leaders these days? But this is what the Bible says: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5.20)
It’s time to awake from our spiritual slumber.

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