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I sleep, but my heart waketh; Hark!
my beloved knocketh: ‘Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled; for my head is filled with dew, my locks with the drops of the night.’

אֲנִי יְשֵׁנָה וְלִבִּי עֵר קוֹל דּוֹדִי דוֹפֵק פִּתְחִי לִי אֲחֹתִי רַעְיָתִי יוֹנָתִי תַמָּתִי  שֶׁרֹּאשִׁי נִמְלָא טָל קְוֻצּוֹתַי רְסִיסֵי לָיְלָה

שיר השירים ה:ב

a-NEE y’-shay-NAH v’-lee-BEE ER KOL do-DEE do-FEK pit-khee LEE a-kho-TEE ra-ya-TEE yo-na-TEE ta-ma-TEE she-ro-SHEE nim-la TAL k’-vu-tzo-TAI r’-SEE-say lai-la

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The words “my beloved knocks,” in Hebrew, kol dodi dofek, form the title and themes of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s classic essay on religious Zionism. In this essay, Rabbi Soloveitchik highlights the miraculous events surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel and posits that God “knocked” six times to get our attention. He points to military successes, political opportunities and other developments as signs that God is beckoning the Jewish people to return to the Land of Israel. One such knock is to connect with Israel by virtue of aiding those whose mission it is to defend the land thereby showing our utter devotion and appreciation for the pioneers readying the Holy Land for the ultimate ingathering of the exiles. Rabbi Soloveitchik cautions that we must respond quickly to these knocks unlike the re’aya who hesitates in this chapter and regrets a lost opportunity.

The Incredible Diversity
of the IDF

Jews, Christians, Bedouins, Muslims, Druze and more – all are welcome in Israel’s amazingly diverse army, which encourages all of the country’s people to rise to the top of its ranks!

What’s the Secret to Israeli Men’s Longevity?

A new study by The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies seems to have found a correlation between longevity and military service, opening the door towards further academic research between the connection of general health and serving in the army.

Today’s Israel Photo

Inherent in every Jew is a deep love for the Land of Israel and the heritage she carries. For an IDF soldier who spends each day training to defend the land he loves, there is no greater beauty than that!

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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