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He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh truth in his heart.

הוֹלֵךְ תָּמִים וּפֹעֵל צֶדֶק וְדֹבֵר אֱמֶת בִּלְבָבוֹ

תהילים טו:ב

ho-LAYKH ta-MEEM u-fo-AYL TZE-dek v’-do-VAYR e-MET bil-va-VO

Today’s Israel Inspiration

This verse teaches that those who do “what is right” and “speak the truth” will merit to dwell with the Lord. According to Rabbi David Kimchi, “speak the truth” implies that it is not enough to think or know the truth, but you must speak about it and spread it. Finding the truth in a world of falsehood is a constant challenge. Especially with regard to Israel, there is an abundance of misinformation that is spread. It is therefore important to learn effective tools for speaking up on Israel’s behalf and countering common adverse claims made against Israel. Spreading the truth about Israel will bring the world closer to peace and closer to God. The same holds true for the tragedy of the Holocaust. All too soon after the war concluded, deniers crept up publicly stating the genocide had never occurred, an embarrassment to the thousands who endured the horrific catastrophe. It’s therefore our absolute duty to ensure they live the remainder of their lives with dignity, restoring their faith in humanity, and promising that ‘Never Again’ means never again.

Twin Holocaust Survivors Recount Their Harrowing Tale

Identical twin sisters Iudit Barnea and Lia Huber were deported to Auschwitz in 1944 where they suffered the infamous medical experiments of Josef Mengele. Today, they are thriving in the Land of Israel with families of their own.

How One Man’s Christian Faith Saved Jewish GIs from Nazi Death Camps

In a remarkable World War II story that almost went untold, a devoutly Christian US Army sergeant refused to turn over his Jewish soldiers, even after a gun was placed to his head.



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Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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