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And a brightness appeareth as the light; rays hath He at His side; and there is the hiding of His power.

וְנֹגַהּ כָּאוֹר תִּהְיֶה קַרְנַיִם מִיָּדוֹ לוֹ וְשָׁם חֶבְיוֹן עֻזֹּה

חבקוק ג:ד

v’-NO-gah ka-OR tih-YEH kar-NA-yim mi-ya-DO lo v’-SHAM khev-YON u-ZOH

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The Hebrew word for ‘light,’ ‘ohr’ (אור), is very similar to the word for ‘awaken,’ ‘ayr’ (ער). According to Rabbi Micheal Munk in his book “The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet,”  this teaches that that light is the element that ‘awakens’ creation to development. Just as physical light influences plants to grow, spiritual and intellectual light prods man to achieve his potential. With their masterful methods of education, the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies will have you reaching your potential more incredibly than you ever knew possible!

Welcome to the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Learn to read, write and speak the holy language of our ancestors and feel your heart soar with the love of Hebrew!

Hebrew Opens New World of Bible Study for Christians and Jews

Christians and members of the Hebrew Roots movement are united in their view that learning Hebrew is an important part of understanding the Judaic origins of their faith.

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The sun rises over HaBesor Stream (Nahal Besor) in Southern Israel. The river is approximately 80 kilometers in length of which a small section has been preserved as a nature resort for all kinds of Holy Land wildlife.

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