Sandra Solomon is the niece of Saher Habash, one of the founders of the ruling Palestinian party Fatah, as well as a leader in the Second Intifada campaign of terror. Sandra was born in Ramallah and later lived in Saudi Arabia. In both places, Solomon was raised to seek violence against Jews. As a child, she was taught to “hate the Jews, hail Hitler, and praise the Holocaust,” Solomon said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News.
Speaking at an event in Canada, where she now resides, Solomon confirmed why genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians is slipping further out of reach. “They blame Jews for everything. They rejoice in the killing of Jews. There is no respect, no love, no peace; just anger and hatred towards others,” Sandra stated.
As a young woman, Solomon quickly became acquainted with the harshness of Islamic Sharia Law, and was disturbed over the utter intolerance and hatred for all non-Muslims, not just the Jewish people.
Some time after moving to Canada, she converted to Christianity and became an ardent defender of the reborn Jewish state. “The State of Israel was created not to be erased, but to stay,” she said.
Asked by interviewers if she does not fear for her life given that most of her family is calling for her blood, Solomon replied: “I stand behind what I say and I will tell the truth even if it leads to my death one day. I will at least know that I’ve had the honor to die for the truth.”
Originally posted at Israel Today Magazine.