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Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 

It’s been an exciting week in Israel. The rain has finally come to water our dry land, and also we have seen an absolutely amazing response to our latest evangelistic video. Almost 200,000 Israelis have watched it in less than a week, close to 1000 have shared it, and we have had several people writing in, wanting to take the next steps towards Yeshua. Praise God – rain is falling both physically and spiritually!


As well as reaching Jewish and Arab Israelis with the gospel, we are passionately committed to building up the body of Messiah, by investing in leaders and providing good theological training in the Hebrew language.
Students from all kinds of backgrounds come to study for their bachelors, masters, doctorate or other qualifications with us. We not only focus on academic development, but we also love to see the students grow spiritually on a personal level, so that they can go on to serve others well.

We regularly get out of the classroom and go on field trips to explore the land of the Bible together. In November we took a trip to Mareshah, which is mentioned in the Bible several times. 

Here, King Asa defeated an army of a million men, after he called on God for help as told in 2 Chronicles 14
Adonai, there is no one like You to help in battle between the mighty and the powerless. Help us, Adonai Eloheinu, for we rely on You and in Your Name we have come against this multitude. You are Adonai Eloheinu! Let no man prevail against You.” 

God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. He is always ready to respond when we call upon him.



The 68th Evangelical Theological Society conference was attended by some 2500 seminary/Bible college professors and students. Three of our own professors presented papers on topics related to Jewish ministry and the Hebrew Bible which were extremely well received. 
Moreover, we had opportunities to share with many people there about what God is doing among us in Israel, particularly at Israel College of the Bible, among the Jewish and Arab people. Thank you to all those who have prayed for this important conference.


God creates the need for faith where there is none necessary in the ordinary. God has placed his people in a dry and dusty land with no reliable source of water so that they must look up to the skies, and to the one who can make it rain. He did it on purpose. Continue reading…


These are truly amazing times. God’s Spirit is being poured out like never before here in the Middle East, bringing in a harvest of new believers at a pace that is hard to keep up with. Not only that, but we are also seeing God draw Jewish and Arab pastors together in precious unity that feels completely new, right here in Israel today! Is God is fixing his broken nets to prepare for a miraculous catch of fish? 

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STEVE & LAURIE MARTIN - LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE FOUNDERS My good wife Laurie and I (45 years in October 2022!), through the ministry of Love For His People we founded in 2010, give love and support for our friends in Israel and in other nations with friendship, humanitarian aid, and social media support, along with Steve's messages, and our Ahava Adventures trips to Israel. Steve has also authored and published 34 books. We live in the Charlotte, NC area. We have four adult children, spouses, and eight grandkids.

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