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Rick Joyner: Donald Trump is a Lot Like Jesus’ Disciples

During a recent episode of his “Prophetic Perspectives” on MorningStar TV, prophetic voice Rick Joyner discussed a meeting he had with President-Elect Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.
Although the meeting only lasted about an hour, Joyner said he got a sense of who the president-elect is. The ultra-liberal Right Wing Watch group got hold of a clip of the episode (see above) in order to mock commentary.
The group is known for deceptively cutting off clips to change their contexts and create false impressions of what was said, but here is what Joyner says in it:
I’ve been with him for one hour, you know, in his office, and so I have a short relationship with him, but I have communicated with he and his campaign constantly throughout the campaign. He’s very different than what the media portrayed him as being.
Trump is one of the kinder, gentler models from New York. The thing is he is tough as nails—and you have to be in his business—but he soft on the inside. We brought up to him if we kick all these illegal aliens out, we’re going to bust up families, going to hurt families, and I saw the tears well up in his eyes.
He was about to bust out crying. He said, “We can’t do that. We can’t hurt the families. We’ve got to fix that.” I was part of a team that was put together to work on how do we do this and not hurt families. That was one of his mandates; we’ve got to do this with compassion …
He is an honest man. I think he’s one of the most honest people I’ve met, because he tells you what he really thinks. There’s no facades there, I mean he’s not hiding anything. He’s also one that I felt right away—I saw a remarkable fear of the Lord on him. It translates in things like his respect for clergy.
I mean he doesn’t respect politicians, he doesn’t respect a lot of people that he has to deal with in his business, and he’s just not going to show respect to them. But his respect for clergy—he would become so humble before any man or woman of God—it was amazing. The last part of his campaign, he would—friends I know, who I  know and trust, he prayed with them every day.
They didn’t just pray for him, they prayed together every single day.
I know this. One of his main campaign managers got fired right after he found out this guy was cutting off these Christian leaders from being able to contact him. When he heard that, the guy was gone right away. So, that’s the kind of help and hope he was seeking from Christians …
I think if you look at the Disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump. Every one of them were Donald Trumps. I mean they were some the edgiest, hardest, you know—they were—who else would have ever chosen any of them?
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