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For wickedness has burned like a fire that consumes briers and thorns; it sets thickets of the forest on fire, and skyward they swirl in a column of smoke.

כִּי בָעֲרָה כָאֵשׁ רִשְׁעָה שָׁמִיר וָשַׁיִת תֹּאכֵל וַתִּצַּת בְּסִבְכֵי הַיַּעַר וַיִּתְאַבְּכוּ גֵּאוּת עָשָׁן

ישעיהו ט:יד

Kee va-ah-RA ka-ESH reesh-AH sha-MEER vah-shay-EET to-KHAYL va-tee-TZAHT bi-seev-KHEE ha-ya-AHR va-yeet-ahb-KHOO gay-OOT ah-SHAHN

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Just as the prophet Isaiah wrote about terrifying fire and columns of smoke ravaging the Land of Israel, over the past few days, hundreds of fires were set all over Israel leading to tens of thousands of Israelis to flee their homes. Miraculously, no one was killed, and we thank God for His great kindness. However, hundreds of homes were destroyed and countless lives have been ruined in what is being called an “arson intifada”. Your prayers are needed and so is your financial support. Please help the victims of Israel in her time of need and donate generously to our emergency campaign.

WATCH: Arab Terrorist Setting Fire to Bushes

In response to the “arson intifada” PM Netanyahu said, “Every fire that was caused by arson, or incitement to arson, is terrorism by all accounts. And we will treat it as such. Whoever tries to burn parts of Israel will be punished for it severely.”

Biblical Message in Recent Wave of Terrorist Arson

As fires rage across the Carmel region, the result of terrorist arson, some Israelis look to the Bible to understand a deeper lesson of what these flames mean.

Today’s Israel Photo

Israeli artist Yoram Raanan views the remnants of his art studio burned to the ground in Beit Meir near Jerusalem. Yoram posted on Facebook, “I’m absolutely astounded at the outpouring of love we have received in the past few days. Your tender empathy continues to resonate in our hearts.”

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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