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Video of Heavenly Cloud Halo and Shofar Sounds Over Jerusalem Goes Viral

“If a Shofar shall be blown in a city, can it be that the inhabitants will not be shaken?” Amos 3:6 (The Israel Bible™)
Two days before the Jewish holidays, a video of a strange cloud formation over Jerusalem accompanied by thunderous blasts from rams’ horns took the internet by storm, stunning millions in a pre-Judgement Day sight that seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately, it was.
The video showed a blue sky with a spectacular unbroken ring of glowing white clouds hanging low over the city. Filmed from a balcony, one man is seen from the back, staring at the amazing phenomenon, while another tells him in Hebrew to be quiet. The camera pans from side to side, filming the entire unbroken halo over Israel’s capital. The sound of many shofars (rams’ horns) is heard, the blasts rising and falling.
The location seen in the video is easily recognizable to those familiar with Jerusalem. Filmed from a balcony in the prominent Holy Land Apartment complex in south Jerusalem, Teddy Stadium, a major sports venue, is seen in the foreground.
The video quickly began to attract attention on social media.

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