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Does the Donald Trump presidency fulfill Jesus’ promises that the last shall be first? (YouTube)

Could This Matthew 20:16 Prophecy Come to Pass With a Donald Trump Presidency?

“So the last shall be first, and the first last: For many be called, but few chosen.”
I believe this will be a year (2016) when we will see this very thing happen personally and nationally.
I had an unusual impression to look up Matthew 20:16 in the Bible.
Simply put: Those of us who have been “relegated to a low situation” in life are going to be supernaturally promoted—not by man, but by God Himself! No one will be able to stop it! It will be our God who does it with great favor toward us!
Heads of companies who care little for others will be “brought down” and “those who seem unimportant” but have been faithful will take giant steps of blessings this year! Small Christian companies will expand and some will even become first in their field of endeavor.
On the national scene, those who think they are “first” (entitled) will be last! Those who the world has said are “last” will become “first” and be used of God to bring America back to honoring Him! Some leaders will be “brought low” (last) because of their arrogance and for claiming to be Christians when they are not.
The righteous will rejoice and be glad for the “move of God” while others “will moan” because they are “no longer in control!” God’s chosen are coming to the forefront this year—2016!
This can be yours if you use your faith to live as His chosen!
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