Pro-Life Group ‘Stands Ready’ to Assist Attorney General-Designate Sessions – BOB ESCHLIMAN CHARISMA NEWS

Operation Rescue has pledged to assist Attorney General-Designate Jeff Sessions to prosecute crimes committed by Planned Parenthood. (Reuters photo)

Pro-Life Group ‘Stands Ready’ to Assist Attorney General-Designate Sessions

Shortly after the official announcement that U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) had been offered and accepted the nomination to be attorney general in the Trump administration, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman offered his congratulations.
“We could not be happier about the selection of Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General,” he said. “I have worked on projects with Sen. Sessions in the past and know him to be an experienced prosecutor and a principled pro-life advocate with a reputation for honesty.”
And then he offered even more.
In an additional press release, Planned Parenthood pledged its assistance to the Department of Justice in prosecuting crimes committed by the abortionists. This “multitude of felonies committed over the past several years under the protection of the Obama administration” includes:
  • Illegal profiteering from the sale of aborted baby remains.
  • HIPAA violations.
  • Fraudulent over-billing of Medicaid and other government programs.
  • Covering up sex abuse perpetrated by abortion clinic staff.
“Planned Parenthood’s days of running amok over the laws of the land are nearly over,” Newman said. “A new sheriff is coming to town and the era of old corrupt politicians who have shielded Planned Parenthood from the consequences of their illegal behavior is about to come to an end. Our message to Planned Parenthood today is: You are no longer above the law.”
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